8 Things That Children, Our Real Teachers, Show Us Every Day

8 Things That Children, Our Real Teachers, Show Us Every Day

Sometimes you need to view things from a different perspective.

Kendall Gatewood

We live in a world focused on teaching people younger than us. Parents teach children right from wrong. Elderly people teach their children how to raise children. Young adults teach their siblings how to play mom and dad. Older people in companies teach younger members how to do their job. Think about it, everyday someone older than you is trying to teach you something and you are trying to teach the ones younger than you. While its important for older people to share what they’ve learned, think about how much we could learn if we in-turn learned from the younger generations.

Think about how much children can teach us. Children live in a world where they are learning what the stereotypes are and what is culturally normal. As they grow up into young adults these tendencies become clear, but as they are going through elementary school, they are unaware of these.

Here are some of the things we can learn from kids…. And should!!

1. Looks don’t matter.

Kids don’t care what you look like. They don’t care if you’re wearing nice clothes are born clothes. They don’t care how messy your hair is or how you forgot to do your make up. They don’t notice you haven’t saved in a few days and your facial hair is getting scruffy. Kids will treat everyone the exact same no matter what you look like. Children don’t choose friends off of what you look like. They choose friends off of whose nice to them and who makes them feel good about themselves.

2. The color of your skin doesn’t matter.

Children are some of the most innocent people in the world. One of the biggest issues in this world is race. If we look at young ones they don’t care the color of your skin. The young white boy and the young black boy are best friends in elementary school. Kids don’t see the color of your skin. Children are completely oblivious to what color skin other children have.

3. The past is history.

Something children do so well is leave the past where it belongs. If a child has an argument with someone a few minutes later, they are playing again with that person. Children don’t hold grudges because they don’t want to lose time with that person. They see that someone made a mistake and they accept that and move on. This is really important because as we get older we hold grudges longer and longer. This is very unhealthy and allows us to lose important time with the people that matter most.

4. That’s what’s on my mind.

Children say exactly what’s on their mind. If they think something is stupid they will tell you. If they have a question about something they will ask you, no filter. Kids say exactly what they want without a filter. While this isn’t always the best thing, it can take them a long way. If we all said what was on our mind no one would have to wonder how they feel about you, or their mood. Children say what they want to say every day, and we should too. (within reason of course) I challenge you today to tell people how you feel, or how they make you feel. Don’t hold back because you don’t know how they will respond. Take a risk.

5. Gender equality is important.

Children treat boys and girls the same. They seen beyond the gender. Children think girls should work just as hard as the boys. We need to learn this from children and realize just because we have a different gender doesn’t mean we do different things. Yes, we have social stigmas but think about it. A child thinks a daddy staying home and mommy working is perfectly normal, and this is what we want!

6. Children will give up all they have for someone.

Think about it. If a child sees an adult helping they often lend their favorite toy or their quarter to you. We see that toy or that quarter as nothing and often just give it back to the kid but to the kid that's their everything. They were willing to give up their favorite thing or something that means a lot to them to simply make you happy. Children have such larger hearts.

7. They don’t hide emotion.

Children’s faces and body language say it all. If children are super happy you can see the joy in their eyes. So, can see them walking with a pep in their step. If they’re sad their faces show it. Their bodies droop. You never have to guess how they are feeling. Even when children try to hide how they are feeling you can see it. If adults were like this, the world would be a better place.

8. The smallest things make them the happiest.

Think about the things children get excited about. A child getting a sticker, will take their day from bad to amazing. Children getting a high five for doing something good makes them so happy. Children get happy over the smallest things in the world! As adults we should cherish this. If someone writes you a little note, let it make your day!

Children are some of the most powerful people to learn from. They can teach us how to view the world through “clean eyes”. While we teach children a lot of things about the future, children can teach us a lot about how to view the world. Next time you’re in a tough situation think “how would a child react”

A child can teach an adult 3 things: to be happy for no reason, to always be curious and to fight tirelessly for something. - Paulo Coelho

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