November is here. And with November, comes the holiday season infiltrating every inch of life. I love the holiday season, but I think we call all agree that sometimes these hectic months can seem to overstay their welcome. Here are some things to love/hate about the holidays:

1. Food

Ughhhh, don't even get me started on Granny's homemade chicken and dumplings, the green beans, turkey, ham, mashed taters. Good Lord in Heaven, I am mighty thankful for a family that knows how to cook!! What I'm not looking forward to in the food coma that comes with it all.. and the few extra pounds. (but let's be honest- it's SO worth it)

2. Decorating

Yes, I am that girl with like seven Christmas trees in my house... and they will most likely all be up before Thanksgiving gets here. The lights and smells and energy of Christmas decorations make my soul so happy! I know it's annoying, and some people may say, "it's too early," but frankly I just don't care and I will not apologize for my actions.

3. Being Single

Because explaining to Aunt Martha, Uncle Larry, your mom's 4th cousin Betty, and everyone else in the family that you and your boyfriend just didn't work out isn't the most enjoyable conversation.

They'll all look at you like this:

and you're just like:

ok, awkward. Bye.


My family is my lifeline. They are incredibly goofy, fun, and show me more love than I could ever deserve. But at the same time... we all need a little drink to get us through the holidays. ;)


5. Holiday Plans

While some friends are off vacationing in Barbados with their families, you know just where you'll be...

And that's perfectly fine too!

Happy Holiday Season Homies!!! Hope it's lit just like mine will be. :)