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Never-lasting Friendships

Glide Magazine

"Before I raise a toast, I would like to say..."

Have you ever had a best best best friend. Like y'all told each other that we would be friends forever. The bond would be so close that your children are going to be the best of friends. However, life happens. Friendships are so much harder to end than relationships because there is a foundation. It was not "besties at first sight". Conformity, trust, loyalty levels were challenged and succeeded. This person knows everything about you. They know what makes you tick? What makes you happy? Your MCM or WCW?

Some friendships end over an argument.

Some end because of distance.

Some end for no reason at all.

"Hey, there's _______ and _____. They are like the best of friends."

You all were two peas in the pod. Everyone knew that you guys wouldn't go anywhere without each other. You all would walk to class together. Get upset when the teacher told sat y'all away from each other. Go to parties together. Bloody hell, y'all even got in trouble together. The friendship was like Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler, Toby Maguire and Leo DiCaprio, or Raven Baxter and Eddie Thomas. There were vacations, unwind time at the lake, tear jerks to pixar movies, and sing to each other's favorite [iconic] pop star. It seems as if those times would never end, but how did everything change?

Is it just me or does it burns you for people to still ask about the friend? With only you knowing how the friendship ended? With no explanation you just brush it off with, "They are good."

But actions speak volumes.

"Wow, have you seen ______ and ______ in a while? I don't think they are friends."

I am still surprised that we are not friends, but I'm not sad about it. I know that life changes, which means, people change. But, it feels like I don't even know you anymore. Well, it is good for us to go in separate directions. It is really surprising to go from really knowing someone to not knowing them at all.

Friendships end to effect. I say this because everything that that person taught you (in the friendship) will better you. However it may had ended, the two will learn a valuable lesson. I can honestly say that I would not be the strong woman that I am today if it was not for those lessons. Thank you for toughening my skin. Thank you for making me realize what is important. Thank you for making me physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger.

I will never forget the fun times we had. I still cry when watching pixar movies. I still jam out to our favorite pop singer. I am still planning vacations. I am still going to the lake to unwind. I hope you are doing the same.

Whatever accomplishments you achieve in the future, I will applaud you. When I say, "I wish nothing but the best for you." I truly mean it. It sucks that things did not go right, but the memories is all that we have left to cherish.

...And suddenly, we were strangers again.


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