Have You Checked In With Yourself Today?
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Have You Checked In With Yourself Today?

Stop what you're doing and take stock of what your body needs.

Have You Checked In With Yourself Today?
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Sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses and other times you need to slow down and check-in with your body. What do you need? Have you forgotten to do any important tasks today? This is your reminder to take a second to breathe and check-in with yourself, mentally and physically.

Are You Lacking Nutrients?

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Do you need to eat a real meal today? Rice Krispy Treats and chocolate chips do not count as a meal, so please go find yourself a source of protein, or at the very least some carbs to tie yourself over, until you can obtain a real meal. Yes, that meal can include more chocolate, but only if you eat something at least slightly nutritious beforehand. I know fitting time to eat into your schedule can be difficult, but if you can aim for two full meals today, I bet that would make your body very happy.

Do You Need To Hydrate?


If you're a college student, chances are you're also a dehydrated college student. Between running to classes, going to student organization meetings/practices/rehearsals, and homework, nobody has time for trivial things like filling up water bottles! However, if you forget to drink water, you won't have the energy for things like homework and theater rehearsals, so for the love of Betty White please go drink some water!

Do You Need Sleep?

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Contrary to popular belief, you cannot survive college on a diet of Red Bulls, Rockstars, three hours of sleep, and a (fleeting) God Complex. If your body is more caffeine than man at this point, maybe try cutting back on the coffee and starting to fall into bed before 3 a.m. I'm not even saying you have to get eight hours of sleep every night, but a solid six to seven hours will do wonders for your soul.

How Does Your Body Feel?

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Unclench your body parts that are clenched, crack your body parts that need cracked, and shake out the rest of your body if you need to. Rub out those knots in your neck, rotate your wrists, and take a deeeeeep breath. Doesn't it feel good to sit up straight and de-zombify yourself? A little movement can go a long way towards getting rid of that tense feeling in your shoulders. Oh, and don't forget to blink if you've been staring at a screen for an extended period of time!

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