Cheap Ways To Spice Up Your Room

Cheap Ways To Spice Up Your Room

There is so much room for activities, and here is how to make the most of it.

Claire Fleming

Though it is sad to admit, college freshmen stress and worry about their dorm room more than they should. A lot of these emotions arise before the year begins, even before they meet their roommate for the first time. They're busy scrolling through Pinterest, finding cute ideas that they know they want to do (or attempt to do). However, they are flooded with these two emotions when they realize they don't have the money to buy all these "luxurious" items to create the perfect dorm room. That shouldn't stop them from at least trying. There are plenty of cheap options available that can be used to spice up any dorm room (or a bedroom in an apartment). Here are five cute options available.

1. Christmas Lights

Christmas lights add a touch of festivity to a dorm room that can be felt even when the holiday season is not in full swing. My roommate and I have a set that changes color patterns. Not only do they help capture whatever season we are in, but they're also just plain fun. Though I prefer plain white lights, these ones illuminate in yellow, red and blue. They bring color to our plain white walls and they are cozy to sit under at night while watching television. Our resident assistant next door has a set of lights for each holiday, and she regularly switches them out. Some might call it extra-festive, but I think she is dedicated to having an awesome dorm room.

2. Pillows

We all love a nice chair, but we all love a nice pillow also. Pillows are cheap options to keep on the floor so friends have a comfortable place to sit of rest on. They also add an extra touch of "cute" to your room (as stated by a few girls who lives down the hall). I recently bought a backrest pillow from Walmart and I think I have laid on it more than I have my own bed this past week. It's so cozy and also so affordable. Besides, I think most of us enjoy being able to throw ourselves down on something after a long day of classes. Why sit in another chair when we have been sitting in lectures for four hours?

3. Organization

The word "organization" has two meanings in this sense: the layout of the room and the storage units in the room. It's not something that is available for purchase, but it's still important in terms of rooms. When I first arrived on campus, the two beds in the room were lofted with the three-drawer chests and desks underneath. Though a ton of space already existed, my roommate and I were not a fan of having to climb into bed every night. De-lofting the beds is an idea I highly recommend as long as you know where everything underneath the bed is going to go. There is still just as much space, and it provides more opportunities in the wall-decorating area. If walls are not your thing, then consider purchasing some cheap bins for storage. This makes the room appear more organized and allows for more space in the closet and on the desk.

4. Photos

Photos can be a bit pricey depending on how many are desired, but I believe I was able to print out all the pictures I wanted for less than fifteen dollars. All the items needed to hang up the pictures (such as the Command Strips and the twine) costs less than five dollars also. Who would have guessed that making a cute photo collage would only take twenty dollars? Definitely not me! Not to mention, this cheap way to spice up a dorm room it like a miniature photo album. I constantly catch myself looking at it and laughing at whatever memory was captured in the photo. I have everything from high school represented in it - prom, vacations with my family, winning the state championship in soccer. It doesn't take a lot of time either to create, and I would be lying if I didn't admit that I'm looking forward to putting one up in my bedroom next year.

5. Rugs

Though some rugs don't come cheap (depending on whichever one you like), they do complete the look of the dorm room. Without one, the whole area looks empty. For weeks, I would wake up and hop onto the cold, wooden floor sprawled out below my feet. It was sad. Now, a large gray carpet covers the ground. It makes everything feel like home and completes whatever theme my roommate and I tried to capture in our small room. It's cozy to lay on (even better with my pillow) and easy to clean. I know I will have to pick one up to use in my future rooms.

Money isn't always available when it comes to purchasing "necessities" for a dorm room. Thankfully, dozens of cheap options exist that can be used to spice up even the dryest of rooms. By using these tips, your room will be the hotspot on campus that everyone wants to hang out. Hopefully, you have enough food to account for all of them.

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