15 Cheap Outdoor Dates For You And Your Significant Other

15 Fun, Cheap Outdoor Dates For You And Your Significant Other

Whether you're an outdoorsy couple or not, you'll love these cheap outdoor date ideas.

Sarah Kelley

Most dates are so simple all you need is (maybe) a few bucks, you and your lover, and how can you say no to fun activites as easy and cheap as that?

Drive-In Movies

Pack up the car with blankets and snacks, lay down and watch that movie you both have been dying to see. Drive-in movies not only give you a little change of scenery if you're used to watching movies at the theatre or home but in themselves make for a cute, nostalgic post.

If you didn't post about the date on snapchat or Instagram, did it ever actually happen?


Building a campfire for two is basically free and a perfect way for you to spend time together. At the most, you only pay for marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers ($3 at dollar tree!!!) Who doesn't love s' mores and sitting around a warm campfire goofing around?

Go Hiking

just do it

Attend An Amature Sports Game

Even if you aren't a big sports fan, tickets and beer and usually pretty cheap. Entertainment + Drinks, can't beat that

Karaoke Night

Grab your boo and hit up a bar or club for karaoke night, even if you aren't good singers it's always fun to goof around and sing your soul out with the one you love.


Warm nights are the best for laying out admiring the stars. Bring blankets, lie on the grass and appreciate the time you're spending with your person.


Find a zoo near you and make a day trip! Most zoos are pretty cheap and you can spend the entire day looking at exotic animals and it's the perfect place to take pictures.

Scavenger Hunt

Each partner should hide clues around specific places and send the other one looking for the clues for the main prize. You can even make the clues related to significant events or places in your relationship. Sentimental Value + Fun

Watch the sunset or sunrise

If you don't have a special spot, make one, and grab some blankets and watch the sunrise or set with your significant other. It is a simple but special memory you'll have and cherish.

Go Fishing

Fishing is fun and relaxing. It's the perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon sitting on the deck.

Mini Golfing

While it does cost money, who doesn't love a little healthy competition?

Go On A Bike Ride

Go on a bike ride together around town, on the boardwalk, to your favorite spot. It's a great way to have fun and get some exercise in.

Visit A Nature Center

Generally, they are free for the public to just walk around and explore different parts of history in your area.

Have An Old Fashioned Picnic

Grab a blanket, some food, maybe a guitar and go make a day out of it.

Float trip

Get pool floaties, or any kind of floatation device really, and float around in a small lake or down a river. It's extremely relaxing and fun. (Hint: pack a cooler filled with food and beer so you can float and eat.)

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