Here is a list of charities that are making a big impact and are needing help especially with winter approaching (some even more local than you think.)

1. Humane Society of Southwest Missouri

The Humane Society of Southwest Missouri is located in Springfield, Missouri. It is a no kill-shelter holding animals until they can find their forever home. You can visit their site at to find out more about giving, whether that be though donation, volunteering or even finding your own animal to love.

Fun Tip: Send toys and blankets for the animals to enjoy, its hard being in a cage all day but a nice blanket and chew toy can make it bearable until their family comes to bring them home.

2. Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

The DAV is an outreach program that assists disabled veterans who have become homeless since their service. The numbers of homeless veterans is rising, and this program go out to serve those who have served for us. You can visit their website for more information on how you can get involved at

3. Christmas Spirit Foundation

The Christmas Spirit foundation is yet another way you can make a difference through those serving. This foundation donated hundreds of Christmas trees not only to the troops currently deployed overseas but also to the base their family is stationed on. Sometimes a child's father (mom, uncle, sister,etc.) can't come home because they are serving, and while a tree won't take their place it really deepens that connection between you and your loved one. You can make a donation at

4. Scholarship America

College is becoming more and more expensive every year and because of that some students simply can't go. Through Scholarship America you can support a student (even just a little) allowing them to even take a bus to school or with a scholarship. You can see how to get involved and help a student(s) here at

5. Direct Relief

Natural Disasters are happening around us constantly. Not too long ago there was a hurricane on the East coast causing not only extreme damage but heartache. Through Direct Relief you can support those aiding in natural disasters. Not only that but you can help provide life-saving medicines for low income countries. Start helping at

6. Make-A-Wish America

Certainly a well-known cause but still life-changing. Through Make-A-Wish America you can help give a child with a life-threatening illness the dream they've been wishing for. Whether that be riding in a helicopter, going on a fishing trip or meeting their favorite author. Every child has their own wish and this program goes out of their way to get them just that. You can be apart of this amazing experience by visiting

7. Angel Tree

Angel Tree reaches out to children who have one or more parents currently in prison. This program ensures that the child doesn't feel alone during the holidays and helps connect them with their family as well. If you're interested in supporting one of these children, click on the following link

8. Operation Christmas Child

Another well-known charity for the Christmas season, but still super important, especially to that child you're giving to. To help, you are given a child that is currently in a low-income situation and you fill a shoe box with whatever you'd like to give, You can give hygiene products, books, toys, anything you'd like. While this may not seem like a lot, to this child it will be everything. To find out how to get connected with a child visit this page

9. Salvation Army's "Fill the Truck"

The Salvation Army and Walmart have partnered together to make a difference this holiday season by holding a simple toy drive. You can simply buy a toy from your own local Walmart and donate it to the toy drive and the toy will then be delivered to a child who may not receive anything this year. To find out more information and your Walmart's involvement click the following link

10. Your Town/City

Lastly, I want to include that although there are many amazing charities worldwide that you can be involved in there is plenty you can do in your own area. Schools, Libraries, Shelters, anything. Help a child, help a veteran, be kind to a stranger. It all starts at home.