The 7 Traits That Define An Alpha Female

The 7 Traits That Define An Alpha Female

Throw her to the wolves and she'll return with the pack.

Women are weak.

Women are fragile.

Women are submissive.

Women are second.

Women are stereotyped.

We are frustratingly put second because that is just how it has always been. With this notion, the alpha-woman stands out. She is unconventional and to many men, this scares them away. Her confidence oozes her alpha demeanor and instills levels of immense intimidation in the mindsets of many. With this unconventional mindset, alpha women are misunderstood in not only relationships, but in daily life. By getting to know an alpha female's characteristics you will better be able to understand why dating an alpha-female may be the way to go.

1. She won't give up easily.

She is resilient. When an alpha female has a goal, it becomes a major focus that encompasses her mind. She sees herself as an investment. In this regard, she will tirelessly work to upkeep her social, physical, and emotional state of mind. She won't play victim to life and become thrashed by harsh-comings, but rather will take them head on.

2. She isn't afraid to make the first move.

This is where a lot of alpha and beta females may differ. Making the first move toward a guy at a bar is her specialty. Why should a boy be the one to always make the first move? So thankfully for you boys, alpha females can take that burden off you. This bold approach exemplifies her spontaneous, self-assured, confident, and outgoing nature. She knows what she wants and goes for it without hesitation.

3. She is extremely loyal.

She is loyal and respectful to the ones she loves. Once she has someone or something int heir life, they work hard to keep it around. She says what she wants and wants what she says. Letting people or things slip through her fingers is not a common occurrence. With an alpha female knowing what she wants, she won't jeopardize relationships or friendships over petty things. Not feeling the need to use dishonest tactics, she lives her life with integrity.

4. She lives with purpose.

She has direction in her life. While she knows how to relax and be adventurous, she does not just wander as a lost puppy in her life. Working toward goals of physical fitness, doing well in school, or attaining a good career are examples of purpose she works toward. She stays aware of her goals and keeps them in the center of her thoughts. Dating an alpha female, you can be ensured she will get what she will get things done and will work hard to ensure happiness in the relationship.

5. She isn't afraid to be or do things by herself.

The alpha female isn't afraid of independence, and in fact, often times will welcome it. Strong leadership skills are almost always a common trait. This often times can lead to a sense of intimidation from others as they feel threatened by her self-confidence. While company is a positive, it is not always necessary. In relationships, this has potential to be either a positive or negative. Allowing an alpha female to have her own times and space, or at least feel as if she is in control sometimes, is essential to the relationships well-being.

6. She knows how to love.

Strong-hearted and strong-willed describe her well. She won't experience damsel in distress moments and need to be saved by a boy, so you don't need to worry about her not being able to hold her own. When she loves, she loves hard in every way, shape, and form. She will challenge you to be the best you can be and provide support along the way, to any absurd idea you may have. She'll strive to make your duo the best team around. She doesn't live a mediocre life and won't let your relationship be that way either. She isn't afraid of her sexuality, either. If you have captured her heart, you can imagine she will love you well.

7. She is ambitious.

She dares to go there. As Kendrick would say, she has "hustle though, ambition, flow, inside her DNA." She believes she is responsible for her own life and if she has somewhere she wants or needs to be, she is the only means of which she will get there. Her personality thrives off taking responsibility for herself and for others. She lives void of the idea of restricting limitations.

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Black Lives Still Matter: We Need To Keep Talking About It

It’s been relevant for centuries.

This year, I have been working within the role of Community Facilitator on my campus— basically a Resident Assistant— and it’s been a wonderful experience. I’ve learned so much about myself, about leadership and collaboration, about time management and responsibility.

Within the past month, however, a couple things arose that highlighted the less-than-glamorous position. A co-worker of mine made a Black Lives Matter bulletin board last quarter. This quarter, someone in the building decided to remove the “Black” from “Black Lives Matter,” and it was promptly replaced. Five days later, the sign went missing again. And again.

So I’m here to remind the world that yes, Black Lives (Still) Matter. And for the sake of humanity, we need to be allies to this movement and to the people in this country who have suffered long enough.

There’s a lot of argument concerning the inclusivity of this movement’s name. Well, for starters, U.S. history has not been the most inclusive. That’s the point. Black lives have been continuously trod upon since the creation of this nation. That’s the point. We live in a country built upon the backs of African slaves, and the effects of this history are far from eradicated. That’s the point.

The Black Lives Matter movement has not lost relevance because racism still exists in the very structures of our nation. The Black Lives Matter movement is not about political correctness. The Black Lives Matter movement is not about excluding other groups that are suffering. The Black Lives Matter movement is not about sensitivity.

The Black Lives Matter movement is about trying to lift those who have been marginalized and mistreated for centuries to true equality within every system. No other group in the United States was captured, enslaved, and forced to work the fields in conditions difficult to talk about. No other group was treated in the same way. No other group shares the same beaten history as those of African-American descent in this country. And as such, no other group is as uniquely, systematically, and historically disenfranchised.

That’s the point.

It's about a specific group, a specific social hierarchy, a specific history. That's why the name of the movement itself is specific.

This movement has lost a lot of media attention in the last year or so, but it is far from over. It is still relevant. It’s been relevant for centuries. And it will continue to be relevant, vital, until things change for good.

Black Lives Matter, and don’t you forget it.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia

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Trump's Effect

Is it him or people surrounding him?

What made you vote two years ago? Was it the fact that both parties have been corrupt for too long that you wanted to see actual change in America? Was it the fact that some peoples wages were going down while the top 1 % was getting so many increases? Maybe one of the reasons you really wanted to vote was because you just really loved what that candidate stood for? The election for president in 2016 was anything but normal. You had three candidates that really mattered to Americans. First off you had the conventional politician, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hillary Clinton is someone America has known for now 25 years. Hillary was our first lady with Bill Clinton. Hillary ran for office in 2008 and she lost to our president , Barack Obama. Obama had a slogan that said "Change". Change did come in certain factions, but did the change have enough force or effectiveness behind it that Hillary could get elected?

The other exciting person was that guy named Bernie . People called Bernie a Socialist, heck, he even called himself a democratic socialist. The problem people have with socialism is that it is viewed of taking resources that the very rich have and giving it to the lower middle class or the low class. Keep in mind we are not taking everything away from the rich, we are taking enough that would help the poor in the right direction and that being said , the rich have a lot to give. If you took 90% of what Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have and disperse it with two other people, Warren and Bill would still be very well off. Bernie was the only candidate who did not take any money from big donors or have huge amounts of cash to throw at an election. Bernie Sanders was a candidate for the people and by the people.

Last but not least, the person who won the election. Donald Trump.

Have you ever seen the show the celebrity apprentice? It was a good show, it was similar to shark tank where people had to come up with ideas and then run it across Donald Trump to see if he would sign off on this product and if he didn't , they would have been fired. Before being known for building "The Wall", Donald Trump was known for saying , "You're Fired". Donald Trump has been everything but the candidate who you would run to be your president for your company or your country. When Donald ran for office, he said things that was not politically correct or even morally correct. I am not talking about the tapes where it says, " Grab her by the....." . If someone who treats women the way he does can win an election, then i guess we are willing to try and put anyone in the white house now. Bill Clinton did do things in the oval office with other women, but at least that was attempted to be kept private, Trump has done and said things just as bad and he calls it "Locker Room Talk".

When i was a kid i looked up to George W Bush, not because i liked his policy, but because i liked his manners of how he conducted himself and this country. Donald Trump has turned everything that i looked for into a president and said, "I am going to make you feel useless."

Hillary seems Sketchy but we can't really put a finger on whats her worst aspect

With Trump it is what aspect is not as bad as every other one?

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