Everyone knows the story; someone has gone through massive changes in their lives, whether it be because of mental health, family tragedies, school, or even their own personal trauma. Everyone goes through changes and there's no way to stop that. However, there are some cases where said changes have made a person worse overtime and they do not even know it because they are so focused on those changes. It is pretty common, especially when it comes to college students, and while many people in that situation do not know they are, they still have lots of time to realize their toxic ways and actually change them for the better.

I do want to make one thing clear; I'm all for self-love. It is one of the most crucial parts of succeeding in life, whether it be personal or professional. Learning how to love yourself comes with great benefits in life and is much healthier for everyone in the long run. However, I also know that self-love without self-accountability is pointless. One of the biggest steps when it comes to loving yourself is being held accountable for your actions. It is also critical when it comes to growth and mental health in more ways than people think.

It becomes a problem when someone changes and they think that it is for the better, but when everyone else sees those changes they can tell they changed for the worse. When those people try to tell them that their behaviour is getting on everyone else's nerves, they ignore those people and assume there is nothing wrong with them. While most people grow out of this phase of their life once their college career ends, there are still many people that do not. There can be a lot of reasons for that.

For most people, someone's mental health could be the biggest reason why their growth and change has been delayed for most of that time. For other people, it can be so many more factors that cannot necessarily be determined by the average person. Regardless of the reason why there should be no reason that someone would think they are a better person and ignore any criticism from anyone that wants them to be better. The biggest difference between the people who want to become better and the people who think they are better when in reality they are worse is one thing: their egos.

Egos tend to be more inflated in people that refuse to take criticism from anyone. People who love themselves enough to see their own flaws and work on them have much less inflated egos. In reality, people with more inflated egos are more insecure and do not love themselves as much as they say they do. When people with inflated egos say they changed for the better, in reality, they changed for the worse. This is one of the biggest things to be aware of is how you are affecting the people around you and whether or not it is in a positive or negative way.