Could this article BE any more relatable?

1. When you realize there are only a few weeks before school starts

2. Then you realize you have summer assignments to do (none of which, you have started)

3. So you divide the assignments equally among the days left...

4....And you have about eight hours of work a day

5. When you call up a friend to rant about the assignments, but they're already finished


How could you?

6. When you are asked if you want to go back-to-school shopping

7. Because you can barely handle how excited you are about your classes this semester

8. When another summer assignment sneaks up on you out of the blue

You sneaky AP Lang reading, you.

9. The school year hasn't even begun yet, but you've already found ways to procrastinate

*watches Emma Chamberlain's vlogs for the tenth time in a day* Just one more...

10. So you think back to the beginning of summer, when you were having the time of your life

No one told you life was gonna be this way... Or maybe you just didn't listen to them and spent your entire summer on a pool float.

11. But even though summer was great, you have to accept it's almost over.

Hello school, my old friend.