Going back to college after summer break can be an interesting time. Some students find themselves completely ecstatic, while others are drowned in misery. However way you may be feeling, Chandler Bing from Friends can most likely describe it perfectly.

1. Waking up for you two-hour lecture at 8 a.m.


Going back to college after summer break means leaving your perfect sleep schedule behind. No more sleeping until 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, no more laying in bed for hours every day. Now all college students are back to their regular routine of slamming espresso shots in an attempt to keep their eyes open throughout the next two-hour-long class.

2. When your professor starts talking about the final on the first day of class. 


Nobody wants to hear about their final on the first day of class. NOBODY.

3. Realizing the school part of college kinda sucks. 


College is all fun and games until you actually have to do work. And go to class. That part sucks.

4. Getting assigned homework on the first day of class. 


Nobody likes a professor who assigns readings, homework, or really any coursework the first day of class. Buckle in, it's going to be a long semester.

5. Getting home after your first day of classes. 


The first day of classes are exhausting. Everyone deserves a nice, warm bubble bath after sitting through hours of reading syllabi.

6. When your roommate convinces you to skip class and get coffee with them instead. 


It doesn't take a lot of convincing to get a college student to skip class, especially if anything food or coffee related is involved.

7. Going to Target and filling your fridge with food. 


Shopping for your dorm room/apartment can be an exciting time, especially in the food department. That is, until you eat ALL of the food you bought that was supposed to last you all semester.

8. Going out for the first time this semester. 


Frat parties and bar hopping has begun. Get excited, people.

9. The Saturday after Sylly Week. 


Saturday nights are undoubtedly the best nights in college. You get a full night's rest and you have all day to get ready. The first Saturday of the school year is definitely something to look forward to.

10. Getting your rest on Sundays. 


Do not expect any college student to do anything on a Sunday. Sunday is the day of rest, and college students will definitely own up to it - except to go get mimosas at Sunday brunch.