CEO of $300M+ Wall Street ETF Firm Joins Banz Capital

CEO of $300M+ Wall Street ETF Firm Joins Banz Capital

Banz Capital CEO John Iadeluca released a statement on the subject, saying, "It's an absolute honor to welcome Mr. Eric Erivn to Banz Capital


Banz Capital, a New York City hedge fund, announced today that Eric Ervin, CEO of 'Reality Shares' /'Blockforce Capital' and frequent live television commentator, would be joining Banz Capital as Fund Advisor.

As CEO & President of 'Reality Shares' and 'Blockforce Capital', which maintains $300M+assets under management, Eric Ervin has most commonly been praised for his extensive work in the Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) business, for which he's set many records, including multiple dividend growth & blockchain-focused all NASDAQ listed products (Such as $DIVY and$BLCN).

Ervin was also named 'top pioneer' in Frank Chaparro's "Wall Street Power List and an often guest of FOX Business, CNBC, and The Street among other channels.

Banz Capital's 21-year-old CEO, John Iadeluca, released a statement on the subject: "It's an absolute honor to welcome Mr. Eric Erivn to Banz Capital. His expert-level support ranging from Wall Street to Silicon Valley, reinforces what we've been saying about Banz for a while now, we're a Wall Street firm here to stay. We will work with industry leaders as we focus on continuing to grow and advance. I just know myself, personally, am extremely humbled as well as further determined now.

"Eric Ervin also provided a quote on the subject, saying, "I first met John Iadeluca when I was giving a speech on cryptocurrency ETFs. I was incredibly impressed with his specific knowledge. His tenacity never wavered, encouraging me to join his new fund as an advisor." Ervin concluded his comments on the topic of joining Banz Capital in suggesting that, "[the] worldshould take note of John and Banz Capital. They are just getting started.

"Banz Capital is a blockchain, digital asset, and cryptocurrency hedge fund headquartered on Wall Street, that looks to provide investors risk-adjusted returns through active portfolio management and tailored code-centric process.

Founded in 2019, Banz Capital has been making a mark on the financial and technological markets, and this move by management seems to push for increased frequency of company operations, efforts, exposure, and efficiency as the firm now has one of the most publicly named powerful Wall Street pioneers on the Banz Capital roster.

Those wishing to learn more about Banz Capital can find further information on the official Banz.Capital website.

For those looking to invest in the fund, they must first pass all due diligence criteria with the firm and reach approval under its compliance, which takes just a brief time to complete;then, an investor can then be admitted into Banz Capital.To get in direct contact, visit the Banz Capital contact page.

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