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15 Celebrities I Want To Be Like And Why

I hope you can relate to some of my choices.

15 Celebrities I Want To Be Like And Why

We all have an idea or even a draft of a few several types of lists. For me, one of these lists, that varies from year to year, and is always in the back of my mind, is my list of role models. For the sake of easy reading, I decided to focus on celebrities (or at least relatively successful individuals I've taken notice of within the past few years). Although I know this topic might be a little polarizing, I hope you can find some common ground in the explanations after each person.

Throughout this list, you'll find my own personal taste in comedy, writing, and other subjects. What I'm hoping, however, is to discover exactly which personality traits I tend to gravitate towards — and maybe why as well. Even though I already have a pretty good idea of what characteristics fascinate me, I'm open to digging a little deeper.

There's always more you can discover about yourself, and I'm about to figure out a little more. I hope you can relate to some of my choices and the reasons why I chose them.

1. Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton gif

Although I'm sure most of you are familiar with the first person on my list, I'll mention that, if you're not familiar, I would suggest listening to the hit Broadway show "Hamilton" on Spotify or YouTube for backstory.

Speaking of "Hamilton," ever since I first listened to the soundtrack, I've been obsessed with Hamilton's work ethic and drive. Like a few others on my list, I strive to be as ambitious and focused as the person above.

2. Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope gif

The fictional character from the TV show "Parks and Recreation" is a role model in every sense of the term. Like Hamilton, she's driven and focused; however, unlike Hamilton, she's a powerful women who isn't afraid to stand up for her beliefs.

While all of this is true, her caring demeanor throughout the show also stand out among the crowd. Knope puts her friendships above so much, and I'd love to have that attitude about relationships throughout my life as well.

3. John Mulaney

John Mulaney gif

Mulaney is my second favorite comedian of all time — after Bo Burnham, of course. While he isn't #1 in my comedy book as of recently, I do strongly admire his sense of humor and the intelligence he brings to the stage. I saw him live at Playhouse Square in March of 2018, and it was one of the best nights of my life.

Mulaney is a perfect example of a success story; he wrote for SNL for 6 seasons, has a number of hilarious comedy specials (that can be found on Netflix), starred in a broadway production with his friend and fellow comedian Nick Kroll, and now voices a character in Kroll's Netflix show "Big Mouth."

4. Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles gif

I've written about Jenna Marbles before, in a short article about her purchasing a new house, and it was written with as much love and admiration as it's about to be now.

Jenna Marbles is one of the original, most successful YouTubers. She continues to produce hilarious, genuine content weekly (every Wednesday/Thursday), and is living the life I've dreamed about since I was in middle school.

Her strong and caring personality, sense of humor, and originality make me revisit her channel every chance I get.

5. John Krasinski

John Krasinski gif

John Krasinski is an American actor, writer, and director. Although he is most known for his role in the popular TV show "The Office," he found success in his writing and directing in his latest movie "A Quiet Place."

While he is obviously appealing in terms of eye candy, his charm, humor, and ease also make him a clear candidate for this list. He wasn't on my role-model radar before the release of "A Quiet Place," but I'm making sure to keep track of his career and future endeavors.

6. Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson

For those of you unfamiliar with prominent directors of the time, Wes Anderson is an indie dream. If you ask any college student who's even vaguely interested in film about directors, Anderson is bound to come up. He's creative, unique, and has a powerful voice in all of his movies.

7. Bo Burnham

Bo Burnham gif

I can't say how much I love Bo Burnham. Whether you know him as a YouTuber from back in the day, that one guy who had all those funny Vines, a wonderful comedian, or the director of that "Eighth Grade" movie, I'm glad you've at least heard of him. If you haven't, he is all of the above and more.

Ever since I discovered his comedy specials on Netflix a few years ago, I've been obsessed. His comedy act and voice in his writing are one of a kind. I strive to be even a tiny bit as creative and original as this millennial voice of reason.

8. Neil Gaiman

Flickr Neil Gaiman

I've always idolized my favorite authors. Neil Gaiman is among my all-time favorites. He has written popular works such as: "Coraline," "Stardust," and "American Gods" to name a few. My favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction, so it's no surprise that I adore his work.

As well as writing some wonderful novels, he also created this cool, intense comic book series called "The Sandman." I also just learned that he wrote several episodes for my favorite TV show "Doctor Who." While Gaiman isn't a household name like other authors — J.K. Rowling or Stephan King — he has a very successful career and creativity that seemingly never ends.

9. Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat gif

Another YouTube content creator, Casey Neistat has only recently been in the spotlight for about three or four years now, if that. Before starting his daily vlogs a few years ago, he had only posted a handful of videos on his channel — and wasn't recognized by many.

I remember finding his channel very early on, following his life through that and his daily Snapchat stories, and losing my mind when I found out he decided to start making daily content. This guy is crazy creative, his editing technique is fun and new, and his world view is fascinating.

One specific video that I've always loved is Life Explained in 27 Seconds. I loved this video so much that I used it in an assignment for one of my classes sophomore year of high school. His drive and motivation are captivating.

10. Brendan Urie

Brendan Urie gifGiphy

It's hard to pinpoint only a few reasons why I love Brendan Urie, and why I admire him, but I'll try. Urie is the lead singer from one of my top favorite bands, Panic! at the disco. His charisma and charm make him stand out in every situation, but his range and creativity are hard to overlook as well.

11. Elly Smallwood

Even though she doesn't really count as a "celebrity," I'm still going to include her on this list because of how blown away I constantly am when I see her work. Elly Smallwood is an artist I found from a post on Twitter, but I only follow her on Instagram. Her painting style is beautiful and raw; I can't get enough of it, and I wish I knew how to paint as well as she does.

12. BJ Novak

BJ Novak gifGiphy

BJ Novak is an actor, writer, comedian, and producer. Best known for his role as Ryan Howard in "The Office," Novak proves that he has more than one dimension through his many other talents. Most notably, and my favorite, he wrote a collection of short stories called "One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories," and it was dark and hilarious.

13. Phillip DeFranco

Phillip DeFranco gif

I think Phillip DeFranco is the 4th YouTuber on this list? I'm sensing a theme...

Phillip DeFranco is another classic YouTuber who began his career in the early stages of the social media website. I wasn't a fan from the start, like how I was with others previously, but I've followed his progress for about five or six years now and I feel a certain connection with him that I don't with other creators I watch.

DeFranco's main focus has generally been his news show — The Phillip DeFranco Show. He talks about various subjects and current stories, but instead of just feeding the viewer information, he openly gives his (sometimes graphic) opinions and encourages conversation and questions about the content he is discussing. I greatly admire his work ethic, honesty, and values.

14. Amy Adams

Amy Adams gif

Amy Adams is one of the most underappreciated actresses I can think of. It never feels like she's getting the recognition that she deserves. Adams, shown above in a scene from "Enchanted," is a wonderful actress, dancer, and singer. She lights up every scene that she's in.

15. Molly Ringwald

Molly Ringwald gif

Before reading an article published by "The New York Times," and written by Ringwald, I wouldn't have thought to add her to this list. While she is recognized usually as the popular teen actress from the 1980s, I prefer to recognize the brilliance of Molly Ringwald as an author.

The article I read was about Ringwald's take on the "Me Too" movement and the effects of stereotypes in movies from the 80s — like "The Breakfast Club" or "Sixteen Candles." It can be found here: What about "The Breakfast Club?"

I know this is kind-of an odd group of individuals, but I hope it was enjoyable and made you consider who would be on your own list.

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