10 Ways To Enjoy The Holidays With Your Roommates

10 Ways To Enjoy The Holidays With Your Roommates

Because they're basically family now!


The holiday season is the time of year where college students start really missing their families, they get stressed about finals, and the weather makes them extra tired and cranky. They might even miss out on some family traditions while being cooped up in their dorm or apartment studying. But if they're lucky, their roommates now feel like family. There are plenty of ways to bring holiday cheer to your college family, regardless of when you get to go home to your actual family.

1. Friendsgiving


Friendsgiving is a great way to show your roomies how thankful you are for them. Cook a nice meal and spend quality time together. It's a nice little break from all the stress of assignments that pile up this time of year.

2. Put a tree up together


Whether it's a dinky Charlie Brown tree in your dorm or a nice one in your living room, put up a tree. Crank up the Christmas music and decorate it. Make ornaments and string popcorn. Make a whole night of it. Just looking at a tree is a good reminder of the amazing feelings of the season.

3. Christmas movie marathon

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Each roommate should pick a favorite Christmas movie, or six, and then sit and watch them all. Cuddle up with blankets and tons of hot chocolate. Then bond and talk about memories of your favorite Christmases.

4. Bake lots of cookies

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So many of people's favorite holiday memories revolve around cookies and all the years of perfecting recipes. Everybody loves the fun that comes with baking and eating their favorite treats. No matter how simple the cookies are, it's still some of the most fun you can have!

5. Decorate together

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Gather some things to make decorations, thrift shop, and check out dollar stores to find things that will make your home feel more like a home. It's so easy and it's such a good way to spend time with the people you live with. It helps your roommates become family.

6. Fill up stockings for each other

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Pick out stockings, Dollar Tree has awesome ones, and throughout the month you can all fill them up for each other. It's a quick and affordable way to let your roommates know they're always being thought of. Plus, they make for cute decorations. Another element of fun is decorating them together and customizing them so they're extra special.

7. Secret Santa


If there are enough roommates then a Secret Santa is the best way to exchange gifts on a college budget. You get to pick something special for someone without them knowing.

8. White Elephant gift exchange


White Elephant is like Secret Santa where you only provide one gift, which is great. It's just less personal. It's a fun thing to do with a group and it's a lighthearted gift exchange. There's no pressure either.

9. Build a gingerbread house

Wikimedia Commons

Is it even Christmas time without struggling over a gingerbread house that will inevitably fall apart? Absolutely not! So grab your friends and struggle with something that won't be graded. It's a good kind of stress!

10. Wear matching Pjs

Flickr Creative Commons

Matching pajamas are the perfect addition to any holiday festivity. You'll never feel closer to your friends than when you have on the same outfits.

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10 Outfits Every College Girl Wears To Class At Least Once

You can thank me later.

It's happened on more than one occasion.

The occasion of being called out more than once for dressing down for class and by "down" I mean some of the haters we hate to love claiming that they can't see the shorts we're wearing under the oversized band tee on our way to class.

Contrary to popular belief, yes I'm not oblivious to how my choice of outfits for class tends to shift on the more comfortable side and yes, I am aware that it looks like I'm not wearing pants, I like it that way.

Every girl in college wears what they feel is comfortable enough to wear in a 2-hour lecture and these are my ideas of comfort.

1. The infamous oversized tee with Nike shorts.

I'll say it right now, I have a variety of assorted Soffee and Nike shorts that I pair with almost every oversized tee I own and it's my go-to for those 8 AM math lectures.

2. Oversized tee with leggings and riding boots.

Once the first red, yellow and orange leaf is found on campus grounds, you know you're about to see a swarm of college girls, like me, sporting riding boots in every shade of brown. Jeans optional.

3. Oversized tee with leggings and rain boots.

Once the first rainfall hits campus, you better believe you'll see this same 'fit paired with Hunter boots in almost every color.

4. The "I'm going to the gym right after class, I SWEAR" look.

Whether or not I have plans to go to the gym after class or not, I'm probably in my gym gear 4 times of the week and I'm not ashamed by it.

5. Jeans.

I've always had a hate/hate relationship with wearing jeans when I absolutely do not have to and here's why: they make my derriere completely disappear. When (and if) you catch me wearing jeans in lecture hall it's probably because someone paid me a large sum of money to do so.

6. Your boyfriend's flannel paired with... you guessed it, your favorite pair of leggings.

This is probably one of the many flannels I've stolen from my boyfriend and certainly not the last one. Paired with another favorite standard black leggings, you can't go wrong with this outfit to snooze in.

7. The baseball hat and quarter zip ensemble.

One of my all times favorites, you can't go wrong with a zipper up 3x too big for your body and a baseball hat you honestly forgot where you got it from. We also can't forget our infamous black leggings.

8. Your "walk of shame" outfit.

Now, this doesn't mean you roll up to Intro to Psychology wearing what you wore to the lacrosse mixer the night before, no. This is more of the outfit you so quickly had to throw on in a span of two minutes because you left so and so's apartment downtown an hour too late.

9. A v-neck.

Another one of my favorites.

10. Dresses (or anything even relatively formal).

Disclaimer: I personally would never come to class wearing this but gigantic kudos to cute a** girls that do decide to wear this because you look good.

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45 Songs To Add To Your Memorial Day Playlist

Songs to truly remember what the holiday is for.


I come from a family that would always go to the lake for Memorial Day and grill with friends and family. However, we always flew our flag and remembered why we celebrate Memorial Day. Both my granddads fought back when you didn't have a choice, back when young men died to protect this great country. To this day there are brave men and women dying to protect this great country and for you to be able to grill with your family. Here are 45 songs to add to your playlist.

1. ‘Letters from Home’ by John Michael Montgomery 

2. ‘Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)’ by Alan Jackson

3. ‘God Bless The USA’ by Lee Greenwood

4. ‘In Color’ by Jamey Johnson

5. ‘Something to Be Proud Of’ by Montgomery Gentry

6. ‘Old Army Hat’ by Billy Ray Cyrus

7. ‘One Hell Of An Amen’ by Brantley Gilbert

8. ‘Ragged Old Flag’ by Johnny Cash

9. ‘American Soldier’ by Toby Keith 

10. ‘God Bless America’ by Martina McBride 

11. ‘Some Gave All’ by Billy Ray Cyrus

12. ‘8th of November’ by Big & Rich

13. ‘Call A Marine’ by Toby Keith 

14. ‘Courtesy Of The Red, White, And Blue’ by Toby Keith 

15. ‘Song of the Patriot’ by Johnny Cash

16. ‘I Just Cane Back (From A War)’ by Darryl Worley

17. ‘I Stand For The Flag’ by Wes Cook Band

18. ‘Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly’ by Aaron Tippin

19. ‘For You’ by Keith Urban

20. ‘Blood Brothers’ by Luke Bryan

21. ‘It’s America’ by Rodney Atkins

22. ‘Fallen Soldier’ by Nathan Fair

23. ‘Brothers’ by Dean Brody

24. ‘If I Don’t Make It Back’ by Tracy Lawrence

25. ‘Semper Fi’ by Trace Adkins

26. ‘Only in America’ by Brooks & Dunn

27. ‘Ships That Don’t Come In’ by Joe Diffie

28. ‘Have You Forgotten?’ By Darryl Worley

29. ‘Heroes Come from Small Towns’ by Rockie Lynne

30. ‘Arlington’ by Trace Adkins

31. ‘Riding With Private Malone’ by David Ball

32. ‘POW 369’ by Darryl Worley

33. ‘Red White & Blue’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd 

34. ‘We Fought Hard’ by Billy Ray Cyrus 

35. ‘A Soldier’s Memoir (PTSD Song)’ by Joe Bachman

36. ‘Boy in a Uniform’ by Rockie Lynne

37. ‘Nineteen’ by Billy Ray Cyrus

38. ‘This Ain’t No Rag, It’s A Flag’ by Charlie Daniels Band

39. ‘America Will Survive’ by Hank Williams, Jr.

40. ‘Til The Last Shot’s Fired’ by Trace Adkins

41. ‘If You’re Reading This’ by Tim McGraw 

42. ‘Survivor Guilt’ by Rise Against

43. ‘Hero Of War’ by Rise Against 

44. ‘Ballad of Balad’ by Toby Keith

45. ‘I Want You to Live’ by George Canyon

This year as you are gathering around the table about to chow down on a burger or hotdog remember the ones who have given the ultimate sacrifice to allow you the freedom to have a great time. Happy Memorial Day!

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