Don't Forget To Celebrate Your Man As Much As He Celebrates You

I am not one to really judge anyone else for what goes on in their relationships since it is their relationship; the two that make up the couple should be the only ones making judgment calls that really matter. I have observed, however, that in some (more leaning toward the unhealthy side) relationships, there is some jealousy between the two.

It confuses me, just a little. In a couple, there should not be any unhealthy competitions that can lead to resentment of your partner. A relationship is a team of two, not necessarily a competition between the two.

I know that generalizations about life should not be made from watching television, but I recently watched an episode of Boy Meets World where Cory got upset with Topanga for always doing better than he does. He rarely ever congratulated her for all of her feats. Because it is a 90s sitcom, they obviously came to the realization that they are better as a team, not where Cory feels like he has to do better than her.

It is incredibly important to recognize that your partner is better than you in some aspects, but don't forget your worth either -- you bring your talents to the table too and that's what makes you and your significant other such a good pair.

Heck, I know that I stink at studying and that it takes me a while to remember information even after going over it several times, but my boyfriend (who has not attended any of my classes) gets the information within the first two times of going it. His ability to remember items that I may not helps me in the long run.

Celebrate what makes him amazing, because I promise he'll celebrate what makes you special too.

My boyfriend is definitely much more successful than I am in terms of being financially stable and accomplishments, but that doesn't make me envious of his success. I admire my boyfriend's ambition and his ability to stay focused. I know that I have my successes too and that doesn't take away from our pride for each other.

He keeps me focused and he reminds me that long-term is more important than what I may not be able to achieve daily. It's hard to remind myself that I have my successes when I feel like I have not achieved much. Yet, it's nice to have my own cheerleader.

And even though he's constantly working on his next project, he rarely takes the time to take care of himself so I am there constantly nagging him to get a massage or to go to sleep or even eat.

Behind successful people are those that are supporting them, not bringing them down or making them feel poorly about those successes. It's important to remember that we should celebrate, not belittle someone's achievements.

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