We all know that when living in south-west Florida, or really any place in Florida, it is nearly impossible to experience seasons. Personally, I absolutely thrive in the fall and winter seasons. Everything about this time of year genuinely makes me a happier person! With that being said, I find my own ways to celebrate fall while living in one of the hottest and humid states in America.

One of the easiest ways for me to get into the spirit of fall is to decorate where I live. The easiest and most affordable, way that I do this is to check out the dollar stores and dollar sections of stores! Those sections always have cute things like signs, banners, décor pumpkins, and so much more to get you feeling in the spirit of the season!

Another way I chose to celebrate fall, is a true "treat yo self" moment. I love to go shopping and pick out a few items that fit the fall seasons colors rather than investing in items like thick jackets or jeans I'll probably not be able to wear. For example, I recently purchased a plum colored corduroy skirt and a soft pink corduroy overall dress. I plan to use these two items as staples in my fall closet! And even though it can get unbelievably hot and humid here in south Florida, I'll still be able to feel dressed for the season, while still wearing skirts and other items to keep me cool!

Lastly, I like to visit a pumpkin patch, once a year, with some of my friends! This is a great way to celebrate the season and spend some quality time with my friends. Also, when we all go out to a pumpkin patch we love to dress in cute outfits to take pictures together to really capture the spirit of fall that we are able to keep forever.