I Celebrate My Dog's Birthday, Don't Judge Me
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I Celebrate My Dog's Birthday, Don't Judge Me

He is just as much a part of my family as anyone else, he deserves the same treatment.

I Celebrate My Dog's Birthday, Don't Judge Me
Jamie Jefferson

Dogs are a man's best friend. That's undeniable. They are also a woman's best friend and also anyone who comes in contact with them.

Dogs sleep with us, eat with us, watch Netflix with us, and go through all the routines of our everyday lives with us. They are a huge part of our lives so why shouldn't their birthday be as big of a deal as anyone else's birthday.

My dog just turned three years old. That's 21 in dog years. Why shouldn't he get the same treatment as I did on my 3rd or my 21st birthday? My dog brings so much happiness to me and to other people, why should he not be celebrated?

I understand that it may be a bit overboard but my dog gets a birthday hat, a birthday cake (dog-friendly of course), a birthday song, and presents.

Some people don't understand the bond that people have with their pets. But not understanding the bond, doesn't mean you have to judge me for one day of the year where I spoil my pup in the same way he spoils me every day with love and affection.

I'm not saying you have to go all out and invite the dog friends from the dog park and bake a cake but why not take your pet for an extra walk or an extra cuddle just because it's their day.

And I know some people who adopt or find their dog don't know the actual day their dog was born. They may have a month to go on so pick your favorite day and just go with it. Your dog is going to be happy no matter what day you decide to celebrate him.

Your dog gives you unconditional love every day of the year. They are always there to listen to you and cuddle with you when you've had a bad day. They never talk back. You can't fight with your dog unless you leave for a long time but they forget they're mad the minute you get home.

They are the perfect best friend.

They deserve the best treatment we can give them and that includes a day dedicated to them.

They changed your life so why not celebrate that change.

You may not have a dog or you may think that your dog is just a pet and not a part of your family. You don't have to throw your dog a birthday party or celebrate at all, but don't judge the dog owners that love their dog so much that they want to celebrate them on their special day.

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