How I Celebrate Chinese New Year

It's the mark of the last animal, the year of the pig from the Chinese zodiac. The pig is known as one who is kind, thoughtful, easygoing, fortunate, and very social. Chinese New Year is a holiday that honors the start of a new year from the traditional Chinese calendar. In modern China, they refer to it as a Spring Festival and include it as a part of the Lunar New Year in Asia. It is a tradition to celebrate deities and ancestors on this day. Globally, people recognize this holiday but they don't understand what goes down on this special day.

1. Chinese Food

Usually entire families will come together for a big feast and celebrate the new year. However, during this time, I sadly don't get the chance to go to China and make it to those big family reunion dinners. So, my family that's here in America would gather around and feast. There's nothing better than filling myself up with pork buns and potstickers while enjoying quality time with family.

2. Red Envelopes/Hong Bao

Hong Bao has to be one of my favorite things during Chinese New Year. It's a tradition where elders gift red envelopes filled with money that represents "money to anchor the years." This New Years money is to pass good fortune and blessing. It's consider lucky to receive them so I always saved mine.

3. CCTV New Year Gala

China Central Television streams performances during the holiday. It is similar to the show in New York when Americans celebrate New Year. Although I am not in China, I still get access to the show and I am always amazed with the performances and laugh at comedy acts they have.

4. Fireworks and Performances

Around this time in China, street performances and fireworks would be filled outside. Don't expect the streets to be quiet and clear. I've always wanted to go to China during Chinese New Year to experience the fun and chaos outside.

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