CBD Is Becoming Mainstream And I Am Here For It

We are approaching the 2020's, and sooner or later, marijuana is going to be legalized in the United States. Whether you like it or not, the devil's lettuce is this century's alcohol prohibition, and it's a world I am living in. As much as I am for the legalization of weed, CBD is starting to become even more popular in the medical and professional sports fields. Before we dive into how it's becoming popular, let's discuss what CBD is.

Cannabidiol, or if it's commonly known shortcut name CBD, is derived directly from the hemp plant, pretty much the 1st cousin of the marijuana plant. Although yes, it is one of the components of marijuana, CBD by itself cannot cause the effects of a "high". Usually, when you are talking about CBD, there are two common types. Full spectrum CBD is the full plant itself, so this will contain small traces of THC, which causes the "high" you experience with weed. The second type is a broad spectrum CBD, which contains the whole plant with no THC. There are some products that can isolate CBD by itself, but this is rare.

So, what are the benefits of CBD? A whole lot actually. CBD is known for being a great sleep aid and being especially good for relieving pain. There are some even more surprising benefits that a lot of people are not aware of. CBD may be known to help reducing depression and anxiety, it may help reduce cancer symptoms, and it also may help reduce acne.

Great, CBD does all these things, so there have to be side effects to CBD, right? Yup, but it's not too bad. Since CBD does come in close relation to the marijuana plant, you may experience the munchies after taking it, and yes, the CBD munchies are still a thing. Also, since CBD is a great sleep aid, fatigue may also set in after taking it. Also, it is important to note that taking too much CBD may cause laxative type effects, so be gentle in your dosages.

If you want to try CBD for yourself, give it a go, with a multitude of options of taking it, and the fact you can't get high off of it, it may be of some help to you!

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