CBD has become increasingly popular in recent years for helping people of all ages (and now dogs) with their medicinal needs. Extensive research on CBD and pets shows us just how CBD may benefit their lives overall.

CBD for pets may serve as natural alternatives to medications to treat symptoms for a host of conditions and diseases such as anxiety and cancer. Most times, dogs get prescribed medication that may be difficult to administer to them and may give off negative side effects. However, now with the versatility of CBD, many different products have emerged making medication for dogs a breeze; Not to mention that there are absolutely no side effects to worry about!

CBD is usually given to pets orally, but it is imperative to know the correct dosage for your pet. Dosages vary by the size of the pet and its specific condition. The highest risk of CBD for pets is the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is what gets cannabis users high. However, many products have very little to no THC at all so if taken responsibly, there should be no risks for your pet. It is always recommended to talk to a veterinarian before giving CBD to your pet.

Giving your pet CBD oil might be a good option for you, but if you are anticipating that it may be difficult to administer, then we have a solution for you. Growing demand for a better way to give CBD to pets has resulted in many different CBD-infused products tailored for dogs. A variety of dog foods and treats allows for you to treat your dog without having to fight with them to take their medicine.

Before getting CBD for your pet, it is important to know what exactly is in the CBD product. A lot of companies use imported goods that may not go through the same regulatory procedures as we have in the United States so it is suggested that you conduct brief research. Medix CBD is a reputable vendor that provides extensive lab tests so you know exactly what you are giving your pet. Here are a few things to look out for when deciding where to get your CBD.

  • Where is their hemp cultivated?
  • You want to make sure that the hemp is grown in the US to avoid any regulatory issues.
  • How is the CBD extracted?
  • Some companies use butane and harmful chemicals to extract their CBD, resulting in possible toxic residue in the products.
  • Make sure your CBD is organic
  • If it is not organic, chances are that is contains pesticides and other harmful chemicals that you don't want to give your dog.
  • Request the lab analysis
  • Ask the company for the lab analysis for their CBD. That will tell you the exact amount of everything that is in your CBD product.

Many veterinarians are not completely familiar with CBD so their advice coupled with your research on CBD can help you make the best decision concerning your pet. We know that your pet's health most important so checking these things will ensure that you are giving your pet the best quality products.

If you decide to seek CBD treatment for your pet, it is recommended that you keep record of how your pet is behaving before, during, and after treatment. CBD reacts differently for anyone so you may need to see how your pet reacts to it so you know whether to cut back or to increase the dosage. Video recording of your pet is a perfect way to analyze the results since sometimes human memory can be a bit misleading.

In the end, CBD treatment for dogs has shown promise for a better natural health solution. Extending the benefits of CBD to pets is one of the best ways to increase their quality of life. Sometimes life can be ruff, but with CBD it doesn't have to be.