Cats are one of a kind, each with their own distinct personality. In their minds, it's their world and we are just living in it.

1. Everything is done on their terms

Anything from cuddling to petting them or to simply pick them up is always on their terms. There is no such thing as just being able to pick your cat up and cuddle them whenever you want.

2. If there is a box, they will climb in it

Leave a box on the table? Your cat will make that box its new lounging area, conforming to whatever size or shape the box is. No box will go un-sat in.

3. They can go from being loving to attacking you in a matter of seconds

You can go from petting them and having them purr happily, and in the blink of an eye, you could have claws digging into your hand.

4. If food is not in their bowls when it's their normal dinner time, you WILL get the stank eye

If you do not move fast enough or go along with their normal feeding schedule, they will follow you until they are fed. Like I said earlier, we work on their time and when they want to eat, they will let you know.

5. Their battle cries are hysterical

When you have more than one cat, they are bound to play fight from time to time, or every day. The battle cries they let out before running full force at each other, is to die for.

6. Nothing is ever their fault

After they do something wrong they will look at you like they are innocent. Doesn't matter if they knock something down, or bump into something, they will always play it off as nothing happened.

7. They pretend to hate attention, but deep down inside they love it

They may play it off as if they hate getting attention, but we all know that deep down they love the cuddles and the numerous times a day they are picked up and carried around.

8. They are spazzes

Every cat is a spaz and any little noise will often send them off running. Forget sneezing anywhere near your cat, because that will just send them running for the hills. They also get into everything and sometimes scare themselves so much that they fall off tables or move in ways you never thought they could.

But at the end of the day, they give us entertainment and us crazy cat ladies couldn't imagine life without our furry friends.

Even though they often drive us crazy.