My 45 Thoughts During The 5 Stages of Graduating At A Catholic High School

My 45 Thoughts During The 5 Stages of Graduating At A Catholic High School

Turn up! But not too much. The sisters are still watching.

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Graduating high school is an exciting time. It commemorates one’s coming-of-age – the mental, physical, and spiritual growth of oneself. It’s a time to look back and be proud of all that one has done in the past years, be thankful for the influential people in one’s life, and be optimistic towards a bright future at a post-secondary institution or a job.

In light of my recent high school graduation at a Catholic high school, many thoughts ran through my mind as I walked down the stage. Anyway, here goes:

1. Graduation rehearsals:

  • 1) Oh cool I'm graduating.
  • 2) What?! I won’t graduate if I don’t arrive thirty minutes early? Why are the sisters so strict about this?
  • 3) Well, I’m going to come like an HOUR early. Upping the ante one last time heh.

2. Pre-Ceremony:

  • 4) Wait. Oh my gosh, I’m graduating.
  • 5) The gown makes everyone look smart.
  • 6) How does this cap even work?
  • 7) I’m going to have a bent in my hair from this cap. -_-
  • 8) Am I on fleek?
  • 9) I can’t even see my dress. I pretty much dressed up for nothing.
  • 10) I have to take lots of pictures with my squad.

3. Starting the Ceremony:

  • 11) I am really graduating, am I.
  • 12) Okay, self. Let’s not mess this one up.
  • 13) Let me look for my family in the audience.
  • 14) *trips on nothing*
  • 16) *Says a little prayer* Dear Lord, don’t let me trip.
  • 17) I see the Sisters glaring down at me.
  • 18) *Says a little prayer again* Dear Lord, I hope I didn’t do anything wrong.
  • 19) *Makes the sign of the cross*
  • 20) I should have worn flats for this.

4. Getting That Diploma:

  • 21) This is it. I spent 12 years of my life for this.
  • 22) *Grabs diploma* Right, I forgot to shake the Sister’s hands.
  • 23) I hope my hands aren’t sweaty.
  • 24) Hi Sister, thank you for saying nice things about me. Whew.
  • 26) I paid thousands of dollars to walk across a carpet floor.
  • 27) Should I do a dab or something? I should.
  • 28) *Looks at the glaring sisters* Just kidding.
  • 29) *Sits back down* Ah, we meet again, chair. My butt has missed your comfort. Bless.
  • 30) What to do after… What to do? Everyone’s looking at my every move.
  • 31) I’m just going to look at one blank point in space until the program’s done.
  • 32) *Singing the school’s anthem* I forgot the words. Stay cool.
  • 33) I’m just gonna do the "Kimmy Schmidt" from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Count to ten, then count to ten again until it’s over.
  • 34) One… Two… Thr.. Is this girl really wearing socks and sandals at graduation?!

5. After the ceremony:

  • 35) Yay I am done! No grade school! Fin!
  • 36) Let’s take a cool picture in which we throw our caps up in the air!
  • 37) *fails miserably* let’s not do that again shall we?
  • 38) Alright. Let’s find my peeps and take squad pics..again.
  • 39) In the meantime, let’s take pics with people in all my classes.
  • 40) Can’t forget to say goodbye to my favorite teachers.
  • 41) Oh man. It finally hit me.
  • 42) I won’t be a student here anymore.
  • 43) No more uniforms though!! Turn up!
  • 44) *Cries* I'm going to miss all these people.
  • 45) Oh man, my makeup is ruined from all the tears. It’s worth it, though.


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