In Case You Missed It: Anarchy Ensues In Brazil, Over 170 dead
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In Case You Missed It: Anarchy Ensues In Brazil, Over 170 dead

Warning: graphic and disturbing content ahead.

In Case You Missed It: Anarchy Ensues In Brazil, Over 170 dead
Bethany Minelle

Over 120 people died in an anarchy-like situation in Brazil. Do you remember “The Purge,” a movie that’s set in a world where all crime including rape and killing is legal for 24 hours? The same thing happened in Brazil, but it wasn’t legal, there was just no on there to stop it.

Have you heard of Espirito Santo? It’s a state in Brazil that went through hell in the past week, and of course, no major news station in America covered it continuously or paid a lot of attention to it.

I’m going to break it down for you:

Police Officers in the city of Vitoria in Espirito Santo went on strike due to low wages and because of that, there was no law and order. Shortly after news of the strike hit town, people began stealing and wrecking stores, and according to Political Outsource, they were raping and killing anyone caught on the streets.

Vitoria has 1.8 million people in and the state of Espirito Santo has a population of 3.9 million.

Can you believe the anarchy? Can you believe so many people turned into criminals because there was no law enforcement? Can you believe this was happening while you were sleeping? And the next morning major television news networks only covered Trump and what was mainly happening in America? To be honest with you, I only found out about it a day before writing this.

I’m someone who’s constantly playing several news channels on my TV in the background and scouring other news sources online. It goes with the saying that “just because something isn’t happening to you, doesn’t mean it’s not happening to someone somewhere else.” This I missed completely because it was only given a headline on a few sources online and it wasn't front page. And to make sure I wasn’t going crazy, I asked a number of people who I know are “news freaks” like me, and they missed it too. It seemed that it’s only gotten a few news articles online--nearly not as much as a situation like this deserves.

One reporter who was reporting on the events was shot in a live stream. There were over 300 car hijackings in two days, and many online news sources who are covering the situation report that the death count is over 170, with many bodies still turning up in dumpsters and being found in the streets. Thugs and criminals are shooting people at random. It’s not safe for anyone to leave their house. It’s a war-like situation.

Police strikes happen to illegals in Brazil. In that case, BBC reported that the wives of police officers and their family members were blocking the gates of the police stations in protest so that it would stop their husbands from working.

So far the state has sent in the military to stabilize the situation.

It’s been a week since the police went on strike and they are still refusing to end it, despite government orders. A judge has fined police stations that are participating in the strike $27,000 and is threatening to prosecute all officers involved in the strike.

The Daily Mail says the state security chief Andre Garcia has been replaced with a new commander to restore order in the city. They are eager to get things back to normal and have a safe city.


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