What Casa Di Marco Polo Can Teach Us

What Casa Di Marco Polo Can Teach Us

Writing about your own life is a lot more important that you may think

There's a tiny piazza in Venice, Italy near the open air markets called Corte del Milion. You get to it after ducking through a low tunnel and once you're inside, it's quiet. Surrounded on all sides by buildings, it's characteristic of Venice's narrow alleyway-type streets, the kind that should make you feel claustrophobic but instead make you feel cosy. That piazza, hidden away in the middle of Venice's catacomb of streets, is where we find the home of Marco Polo. To the right of his historic abode is a Greek marble arch that he has written about in his writings, so we know that in his day-to-day life, he saw that very arch, just as we see it now. It's truly spectacular to stand in that square and take in the sight.

Marco Polo was, according to Italian history, the first western explorer to explore the East. He was actively exploring during the 13th century. When he would come home, he would be laden with beautiful things and even more beautiful stories from his travels, which would impress his neighbors. But Marco Polo wouldn't just tell his stories to the people nearest to him. He would write it all down. This is one of the most crucial pieces of information about Marco Polo; he was smart enough to write down what he saw. Surely, he was not the first western explorer who traveled to the East in search of trading posts and goods. But he was one of the very first to ever write down his travels, so that people far and wide, in both space and time, could hear his stories. What good would his travels have been, who today would have known his name, if he had not written down and preserved his memories? What good are the travels of those who explored but had no way of recording what they saw? We don't know their names of their stories. Marco Polo was one of the first to see what he saw, and his writings brought those far away sights to many, many people, even centuries after he passed away.

In history, recording events is incredibly important. It's so important that people write down what's occurring around them. Otherwise, events are shared with the people around you and then no one else. We would never hear of anyone's stories. We would never know what that far away mountain range looks like or what kind of dream vacations other people are going on. All we would know are the lives we and our friends have lived. When you write down your experiences, everyone and anyone can read them. Anyone can experience the things you are experiencing. Regardless of whether you morally agree with or support the history or not, it's important to recognize that you wouldn't even know of any history if it wasn't recorded by someone.

This is why I believe it's so important to keep a journal or a blog or a diary or a vlog or a photo journal, some type of written, preserved record of the things you are seeing and the life you're living. Sure, you might not be "exploring" things in the same sense as the New World explorers, but in a way, we're all pioneers. We're all seeing things and making discoveries, at first in our own lives, but that may some day lead to something much bigger than just ourselves. At the very least, recording your own life creates a history for you and for your family. When you're toward the end of life-- or maybe not something not as drastic, simply when you're toward the end of a life phase-- you can look back on the memories of the important days that you have captured in your own words. You can remember what it felt like to be there, in that time. You can relive details that you may have forgotten. You can pass on those memories and those lessons to the rest of your family. There's something truly transcendent about reliving your life that way, with a nostalgic happiness.

There's no point keeping the voice inside of yourself locked up. You are living a unique story-- share it. Modern technology gives us the freedom and access to share what we're living as we're living it. Take advantage of it. Capture every moment that you think might be worth remembering. Out of 100 memories you capture, you'll probably really only care about 5, but those are the diamonds in the rough. Edisons journals weren't filled cover to cover with good ideas-- remember, it took him 1000 tries to get the light bulb right. That's a 1000 pages with just one page that was "worth it", but what an important page it was. So, I say, don't be afraid to capture the world in your words. It's your world and it's more than worth it.

Cover Image Credit: Sailko

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Embrace Life's Weird

A (very) Short Rambling on Why I Love How Weird Life Is

Life is strange. I think we all figured that out by now. It becomes more evident as we keep moving on though. For some people, the oddity of life is overwhelming. For me, it's what makes life so exciting. I like that sometimes I'll start the day eating yogurt and watching reruns of Parks and Recreation, and by the end of it, I'll be in the middle of Marshalls searching for a golden triceratops to give to my cousin for Christmas. I like that my weekends can be anything from random walks in the wood to unexpected visits to art galleries I didn't know existed. It's the random nature of it all, the lack of structure that is ultimately there as much as we try to plan. It's the way life forces spontaneity and surprise when I fight against it that makes it so exciting.

I think we sometimes forget to appreciate it. The crazy parts we didn't expect or didn't see coming are the ones we regale in stories later on. Those are the parts that stick out in our memory and remind us that life's curveballs are what make life so wild and incredible and worth living. Sometimes the curveballs aren't what we wanted, but sometimes, the eccentrics of the unexpected make for a life that's not as boring as you think it is. I guess the point of my ramblings is this, sit back, and embrace the weirdness of life instead of fight against it. It's the weird parts that make it great, not the parts we saw coming.

Cover Image Credit: Connie Paris

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The Hard Part Of Moving On

There’s always gonna be a mountain you have to climb, but never give up because there’s a great view at the top.

They say when you love something you have to let it go and in reality that’s one of the hardest things to do when you love someone. How are you suppose to sit back and watch the person you loved so much start to love someone new? They always say if it’s meant to be it will happen and that things will work out in the end but it’s the waiting game that is always the worst. Whether you know you could do better or you know that it’s time to move on, the thought of what if stays in the back of your mind.

You will have your bad days where memories flood your mind, the good ones, and the bad ones. Some of the memories so real you feel like you are right back in that moment and you have to snap back to the reality that they are no longer in your life. You’ll have random days where something hits you and you feel like crying again even though it’s been months since things ended.

You’ll wonder if they even really loved you like they said they did, because while you are still trying to convince yourself that it’s time to move on while they have already started to. You would think knowing they are already moving on would make it easier but in reality it doesn’t it just brings more questions into your mind. Why wasn’t I good enough? Why couldn’t we work it out? Why is it so easy for them to move on? You will have your "why can’t I move on" moments. You may even try to go on a few dates with new people, but somehow every time you just don’t get that little spark you want, the one you had with the person you were head over heels for.

You find yourself comparing everyone to them, you find yourself wondering if things could eventually work out and if you should just wait it out because good things take time right? Not everything about a break up has to be bad though, although you will have some days that are rough, it’s also a good time to take care of yourself. Learn things that make you happy, go out to eat by yourself, go adventure somewhere or even go shopping alone. Learn to live your life for you and create your own happiness.

Once you are content with your life and doing things on your own let everything else fall into place on its own. In the end things might not turn out the way you wanted, things might not work out with that person but that just means something better is out there for you, you go through everything in life for a reason and that failed relationship was just a stepping stone on your way to a life you’ve always dreamed of.

Hold your head high and learn to love yourself and always remember something good will come out of the struggles that you face. There’s always gonna be a mountain you have to climb, but never give up because there’s a great view at the top.

Cover Image Credit: Jenna Jones

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