Taking Care Of Ourselves During Finals Week

It’s true, the dreadful time of the semester has rolled around again. Although finals week has been marked in our calendars for quite some time, it’s still a surprise that it’s already here. There is truly only one word that sums up finals week accurately: stress. It seems deadlines upon deadlines have been thrown our way and now, we’re racing against the clock or risk a failing grade.

Despite the importance of finals, taking care of ourselves during this stressful time is also essential to do. Here are four ways to take care of yourself during finals week:

1. Do Not Overdo It With Coffee

College students are already running on multiple cups of coffee per day throughout the semester but during stressful times, it seems the amount of consumption increases exponentially. Students may believe that coffee will help them while studying and writing those papers, but if you drink too much you may only end up being shaky. Instead of over-indulging in coffee, take your necessary cup of coffee to start off the day and find an alternative drink for the rest of the day. You can try tea, juice or water to keep you hydrated and alert.

2. Have Snacks While You Study To Keep You Going

A simple way to motivate yourself while getting work done is having snacks. I would recommend healthy snacks like: fruit, pita chips, granola, etc. As a person who loves food, having it around me instead of constantly having to get up and raid the kitchen is useful. Plus, it might serve as a reminder for you to eat throughout the day.

It’s crucial to eat throughout the day and attempt to maintain a normal schedule. Finals week shouldn’t make you feel like you’re dying. It’s a terrible time of the semester but we’ve all probably been through this before and we have successfully survived.

3. Make Time For Sleep

No amount of studying or writing should keep you from sleeping. Don’t reach for another cup of coffee at midnight. Instead, go to bed and sleep for a bit. If you think sleeping is unproductive, you’re mistaken. Many of us can’t get the work we need to get done without at least a few hours of rest. Even an hour nap can help you feel refreshed and ready to take on the world. Running on no sleep may seem like the right choice, but you may not do your best work in the end.

4. Know That Finals Week Will End Eventually

This is important to remind yourself. Finals week will end and your much-needed winter break will begin soon. There seems to be an acceptance of suffering during finals week, but this shouldn’t be the way to approach the situation. Having a positive mindset will help you tremendously and of course, it’s easier said than done. But it will help you out in the long run, as opposed to accepting defeat before even starting.

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