So, if you haven't heard by now, the next movie to be released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the heavily anticipated "Captain Marvel." The main character, Carol Danvers, is being portrayed by Brie Larson, who appeared in the first teaser a few months back. On Monday evening, the first official trailer for the film dropped and us Marvel fans HAVE. SOME. THOUGHTS.

1.  Captain Marvel gets in a major fight... with an elderly woman.

In the teaser, we see Carol Danvers punch an older woman in the face, but she isn't as innocent as she looks. As suspected, we see that the woman Danvers punches is a skrull, an alien, in the second trailer. As Nick Fury puts it, "the bad guys." Note that the two alien races are long-time enemies. This will play a key role in this 2019 film.

2. Mar-Vell

Although Marvel hasn't officially told us that Jude Law is playing Mar-Vell, there has been lots of speculation that he will be Danvers long-term Kree acquaintance. There is also speculation that he will play an enemy of hers as well.

3. The Mohawk

Her helmet fades and lets her mohawk down and fall over her shoulders. It's magical. It also looks very similar to the kind of helmet Star-Lord, played by Christ Pratt, from "Guardians of the Galaxy," uses. Is Star-Lord's helmet Kree technology?

4. Her life back on Earth

We see her going through old files of her life on this planet because she can't remember her life fully, only bits and pieces. She even briefly picks up her old dog tags from her time in the airforce that have been broken in half. They now read: Carol Dan-

5. How long has Danvers been missing from Earth?

She trained to be in the military and somehow gets involved in a Kree, Skrull battle, where she obtains powers. Then, later has her memories replaced. What is real? What is true about her past?

6. BINARY. What is that?

We see Carol go into Binary mode. I'm not saying she is the most powerful Avenger, but she can channel the energy of white hole (opposite of a black hole, essentially) and is powerful AF... so you tell me.

7. Ronan the Accuser

The primary villain from the 2014 film, "Guardians of the Galaxy," makes an appearance in this trailer. He is seen very briefly, watching a space battle occur through a large window that looks out into the galaxy.

8. Is SHIELD compromised? 

The same man who voices Captain Marvel's opponent, Talos, is seen giving orders to a group of SHIELD agents later on in the trailer. Has SHIELD been infiltrated by Skrulls?

9.  Which version is the truth?

There are two scenes in the trailer that look oddly similar. It is when Danvers is getting up after being involved in some sort plane crash, but from two different perspectives in different parts of the trailer. One makes it seem like it is a Skrull approaching her, while the other scene shows a little portion of a green uniform, the uniform of the Kree. Is this one of her implanted, false memories?

10. Fury... is a cat person.

Carol's cat is named Chewie in the comics isn't even a cat. It is an alien creature called a flerkin. In the trailer, however, it's name tag reads "Goose." Fury does seem pretty cozied up to this seemingly innocent feline. Maybe that's how he lost his eye...