Canadian Judge: "Why Couldn't You Just Keep Your Knees Together?"
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Canadian Judge: "Why Couldn't You Just Keep Your Knees Together?"

Justice was denied, again.

Canadian Judge: "Why Couldn't You Just Keep Your Knees Together?"

A Canadian judge, Robin Camp, is being called out by the public for comments that he made in 2014 to a rape victim. The judge suggested that the girl should've kept her knees together to avoided being raped. On the subject of women and sex in general, the judge said that “young women want to have sex, particularly if they're drunk.” These words have angered the public and have led to the impending removal of Judge Camp from his bench.

The judge publicly apologized for his comments and claimed that he had no knowledge of Canadian criminal law. First of all, to be a judge you must have knowledge of the law. Second, you don't need knowledge of the law to be a human. The judge’s comments toward the rape victim were inhumane and disrespectful. They were insensitive and downright immoral. Some might say that his comments were simply biased. However, they were much more than that. His comments prompted rape culture. His comments blamed the victim rather than the rapist.

How does one judge’s comments impact society? His comments will instill fear into rape victims. I will make them feel that they should not come forward because they might be blamed for having to experience something that they did not want. His comments will also make rapists think that the law is on their side and that they can get away with their crime. The most tragic impact of all is that telling a victim that she should have kept her knees together to avoid being raped shows how tainted people are today. Rather than healing and carrying out justice for our fellow people, we tear them down further. It is a shame.

Judge Camp let the rapist go in the 2014 case. However, the rapist will face a retrial. Still, justice will not be carried out for this case until both the rapist and a Judge Camp face consequences for their actions. There are two criminals in this case instead of one.

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