The cosmetic company Clinique announced a new campaign recently called ‘The Difference Maker Campaign’, and it is incredibly empowering for women across the world. The campaign showcases six inspiring women who tell their personal stories and thoughts about making a difference within the lives of women across the world. The mission of the campaign is to ‘inspire confidence in women and empower them to make a difference in the world, either in their community or in their personal life’. The six women currently staring within the campaign are Jessica Nkosi, Gina Rodriguez, Erendira Ibarra, Victoria Pendleton, Nazan Eckes, and Ning Chang.

Jessica Nkosi is a South African actress who is best recognized for acting in a television show turned soap opera. Jessica lost her father to cancer when she was just eleven years old. She realized that after watching her father suffer through the ache of cancer, she never wanted to watch a child suffer though that. Jessica wanted to help any child she could, and help them see the mother within her. Jessica’s mission is to fight for future generations by providing care and support for children today, as they are the leaders for tomorrow.

Gina Rodriguez is an American actress of Puerto Rican decent. She has starred in musical drams, soap operas and a comedy series. She has been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy, winning in 2015; but it has not always been starlight’s and glamour for Rodriguez. She grew up in poverty, gang infested community, while fighting labels against her skin color and body type. Gina is a passionate advocate fighting for education for every single girl in the world because she says that education is the bridge to fight life’s shackles. Her mission is to help others have the opportunity that she had and make education more readily available for all.

Erendira Ibarra is a Mexican actress who was born into activism. She participated in her first protest with her father when she was just twelve years old. Growing up within a family who fought injustice, she decided to take on the challenge of encouraging other women to speak out and fight for what they believe in. Erendira’s mission is to refine the word justice to mean love.

Victoria Pendleton is a British jockey and former track cyclist, and has won nine world titles including a record six in the individual sprint competition, dominating the event between 2005 and 2012. She is a former Olympic, European and Commonwealth champion; and has many more achievements. Victoria wants to inspire women to go pursue their dreams and ambitions. She shared a really awesome part of her life, which is about her twin brother, and she jokingly says, “Anything he can do, I can do better”. Her mission is to inspire young women to never limit themselves, and help provide them with more opportunity.

Nazan Eckes is a Turkish-German television personality star. She encourages other women to build a brighter education for generations to come. Nazan felt different than the other children around her growing up; but when she fell in love with reading books she felt like she had found the bridge to society. She believes that books are simply the windows to the world. Nazan says that every child should be connected to the world; they need books, they need to be encouraged and to have their own imagination.

The sixth inspiring woman in the Clinique Difference Maker Campaign is Ning Chang, a Chinese actress. As Chang grew up she felt the need to be skinny for her acting career, but then realized that she just needed to have a healthy body. She decided to go to the Turn Mountain event at Mount Kailash, which was on her bucket list. The hike is about 32 miles and the highest point is over 18,000 ft. Chang ran constantly and studied meditation to prepare her mind. As she stood at the top of the mountain, she could not believe what she had accomplished. She believes that there is no limitation within people. Exercising gives her confidence and willpower. Chang’s mission is to create a change with living a healthy lifestyle.

The story of each of these six inspiring women are uplifting and they will leave you feeling moved to make changes in your every day life. These women are inspirations in their identifiable right and demonstrate that one change really can make a difference. If these women were not already motivating enough, they also support their own individual charities that are part of The Clinique Difference Initiative, a philanthropic platform supporting education and health for women. Can one change really make a difference? Yes, I believe it can.

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