Since President Donald Trump was elected, there have been talks about who's going to run next for the position. It's as if everyone wants to skip this presidency as if it were just a nightmare. Now that the primaries are on their way, it's all we can talk about.

Many American teens, like myself, were very disappointed with this new government that had been put in power in 2016. This frustration lead these teens to aim to get people to the polls for the election this past November. Their hard work paid off because this election had the highest voter turnout for teens we've ever seen and the Democrats took back the House. Although, what many believed would lead to a "Blue Wave" was only a small ripple.

Now that I've caught you up, here's where we're at today. All of a sudden, numerous Democrats want to take on the challenge to defeat Donald Trump for the position of President. With the first debate, there has been much talk surrounding these presidential candidates. While it's entertaining to listen to and talk about the 20 different candidates, what it really comes down to is whether or not they are exactly what this country needs and if they will be enough to defeat Trump.

For the past few months, I've taken a short break from keeping up with politics, so I haven't been completely informed on the platforms of each candidate. With the first debate airing just last week, it has helped me see what each candidate is like and making the wheels in my head start turning as I think about who of the 20 I will be voting for.

Like much of America, I was a fan of Joe Biden, but after watching his performance and digging a little deeper into his past and present, he's not who I thought he was. Not to burst everyone's bubble, but he is certainly not the safe choice we all thought he was. Even though he is someone who could possibly beat Trump with his moderate ideals, he is not what this country needs.

What we need is someone who is willing to create change, but not to the point that will be too much, too soon. Trump is quite the opposite. He has been creating too much change, which is freaking out pretty much everyone except his supporters. I believe that Elizabeth Warren is no different in this aspect. Of course, her ideals and policies are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. You may not want to hear this, but she is just as radical as Trump is, but on the Left instead of the Right.

As a Democrat (and someone who sometimes thinks the world revolves around them), I find myself forgetting that not everyone is a Democrat, but I'm quickly reminded that when bills are passed that don't come from politicians of my affiliated political party, I do not always agree. I often forget there's another powerful political party and it's difficult for me to imagine not seeing a Democrat in the White House starting in 2020.

Who we need is someone moderate but not just some Democrat who will do whatever the Republicans want and reverse Trump's damage (*cough cough*, Joe Biden). In theory, the perfect candidate is someone who is in between moderate and progressive. We need someone who, for example, is not going to completely get rid of private health insurance but will help those who can't necessarily pay for it. They are not completely radical but they are radical enough to create the change this country needs.

In order for a candidate to be good enough to take on Trump, we need someone who the Republicans can somewhat agree with and are willing to compromise with. I believe someone like Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg has the ability to get the job done. Both candidates are a great representation of what this country looks like: an Indian-African woman and a gay man. Their platforms are always exactly as I just described previously. If they campaign hard enough and sway those who last voted for Trump but before had voted for Obama, they might just win.

To answer the title of my article, it is possible for one of the 20 Democrats to defeat Trump, but it is going to be very difficult and an extremely tight race. Many Americans are very strong Republicans that love Trump and everything he is doing for this country. Whoever wins the primary election this upcoming November is going to have to outsmart Trump and beat him at his own game.