5 Places On Campus That Are Ideal Studying Locations As We Steamroll Into Finals

With less than 2 weeks until the start of finals, many college students are already anticipating the intense study period that lies ahead. As my third semester of college comes to a close, I am once again planning my schedule so that I have ample time to study for each of my final exams. Many of my classmates are doing the same. With that in mind, there are many places on-campus that are bound to be crowded this finals season. The library and union are among these places, and with obvious reason.

However, there are several places on campus that are far less crowded, giving you plenty of space to get work done.

Dunkin' Donuts

It goes without saying that Dunkin', as well as any other coffee shop, is going to be busy during finals season. However, most students will just be going in to order their drink, maybe grab a pastry, and run on their way. I am often one of those people, but here's something to consider:

Each Dunkin' location on campus (at least 3!!) has seating areas in the cafe. I often see students studying there, either alone or with a small group. I've done this before, and you can actually get a lot of work done if you're not easily distracted by a constant flow of people. As long as you buy something, which you'd be inclined to do anyway, the staff doesn't really have a problem with you studying there.

Any On Campus Cafe

At URI, we have a campus "cafe" of sorts called Rhody Market. There are food options available that are part of a students' meal plan. However, in the back area of Rhody Market, there are tables set up for students. During finals, this is a great place to study if you want to refuel while you study. As with Dunkin' Donuts, just be inclined to get something to snack on while you study.

The Quad

This is honestly more applicable to the spring semester, as the weather will generally be nicer. However, the point still stands. If you can find a day where the weather isn't too crummy, then setting up on the quad isn't a bad idea. A wide open space with ample shade seems like a great place to study. It's completely wireless, and it's close to several major buildings on campus, so that's an added bonus.

Dorm Lounges

Personally, I could never study in my room. That's why I always try to go to the library, or one of the places on this list, to study. However, circumstances sometimes present themselves in a way that leaving your dorm building isn't the best idea. Sometimes its the weather, other times you don't feel well. Or, you know that the library will be packed for finals. That's why dorms have communal lounges.

These lounges have plenty of couches, tables, and outlets for you to set up and do your work. Some lounges also have whiteboards for students to use.

Academic Halls

Many academic halls on campus have communal areas for students to set up and get work done. This is ideal if you have a brief period between the end of class and office hours or a meeting with a professor.

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