For The Skeptic Who Doesn't Know Whether Camping Is For Them
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For The Skeptic Who Doesn't Know Whether Camping Is For Them

From Arizona to Zimbabwe, you can camp anywhere.

For The Skeptic Who Doesn't Know Whether Camping Is For Them
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For the person who doesn't know if they should try camping,

My first camp out, well my first real camp out anyway, was in the spring of 2011. I went with Seneca Waterways Council Troop 336. Almost 7 years later I am still an avid camper. But why? I think that is the real question, or at least the one you ask yourself as you scan this article. I continue to camp because of the beauty. As I write and as you read I am looking out at lake Harris from a cozy, fireside picnic table. The beauty inspires me. The beauty gives me serenity. And creativity. The smell of the fresh air and the breeze billowing pine aroma through the trees keeps me coming back.

The smell of smoke and the spark of fire as I light a match gives me excitement I seldom find anywhere else. The crunch of dead leaves and twigs beneath my feet as I make the long trek into town from my campsite. The sparkle of the water as the sun hides away for the night reminds me of true beauty. And so, my dear reader, we return to beauty. And it is beauty for which I return to the solice of the campground. Six long years have gone by since I reluctantly gave camping a try. All I wanted was a pocket knife to begin with, but it has turned into so much more than that. Now whenever I am stressed or anxious I remember my first trip to Seneca Lake. And I drive. I drive with the windows down and the country music blaring through the stereo of my crappy 2004 Saab 9/5 wagon. I drive until the smell of pine and the cool crystal breeze hits me. I drive until the sun sets and the sky turns into a Hitchcock film. And then I stop.

I stop and admire the sunset then pitch a tent under the stars. I turn in for the night and while I close my eyes and begin to drift off in a strange, new, wonderful place, something magical happens. My worries disappear. My anxiety is gone. It is all behind me. The beauty of that should be enough in my mind. But maybe it's not. Not for you at least. Why is it you've never gone camping? The bugs perhaps? Or is it the animals? Neither are that bad, I promise. Not when you take a deep breath and you look out. Look out past all your worries. Past all your fears and terrors. Just, look out. And then, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and know, you're home.

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