Modern Warfare Error Is Deleting Players' Stats

Modern Warfare Error Is Deleting Players' Stats

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Error Is Deleting Players' Stats


Yesterday we told you that a new update was going to reach Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Error Is Deleting Players' Stats, a crossbow was promised, changes in customization and correction of errors in the graphics engine. The response to the chief of communications of Infinity Ward was not only very negative, but also expected to discuss the elimination of Skill-Based Matchmaking.

This was finally not part of the patch and, as if that were not enough, what it did bring was a bug that can erase your statistics if you choose the wrong option. Infinity Ward has already clarified that you will never lose your overall progress (levels, weapons, skins) but you can lose your statistics if you choose the "yes" option in the message that you will think when you open the game. This error message basically does not allow you to play until you choose an option, you are asked that to continue you must reset all your progress, including your level and weapons obtained. However, this is not true, if you choose the "yes" option, it will erase only your statistics, so even the message is wrong in your approach.

On the other hand, if you choose no, you will not be able to play but if you turn off and turn on the console or PC, the error will be fixed and you can play normally. We imagine that this was the option that many took, the game has three months in the market and nobody would want to lose all their progress. However, some cases of people who chose "yes" by mistake and, although they did not lose their progress, their combat statistics are already reported.

Infinity Ward has already published a statement announcing that everything will be solved soon and that, at the moment, they recommend choosing the "no" option and resetting Call of Duty to play normally later. The hotfix is expected to solve everything, although nothing has been said about the lost statistics of some players.

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