Callie Torres' Evolution
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Callie Torres' Evolution

Callie Torres' journey from an orthopedic resident to a Grey's alumni.

Callie Torres' Evolution

If you're a Grey's viewer, I should say, survivor, you are very aware of those who have left the show. Lexie, Mark, relation shipDerek etc. A majority of these characters are brutally killed off, usually by a motor vehicle.Callie Torres is one of the few characters who left for mundane reasons. A beautiful, strong women Torres has changed throughout the many seasons of Grey's Anatomy.

1. Season Two

I wasn't too found off the bangs and the ringlets combination but she wore them well. She also came on to George a little too strong which was annoying.

2. Season Three

Getting married to George, not a good idea. But it was partially his fault since he realized he did not want to be married a week after getting married. Her and Izzie's feud just got tiring after awhile.

3. Season Four

Still not found of her hair but that's my personal preference. Her and Erica Hahn's relationship made me hate Hahn but like Callie, especially after she stood up for Izzie.

4. Season Five

Love is in the air! Callie starts her relationship with Arizona Robbins, officially known as Calzona. Before that she establishes a strong relationship with her work-husband, Mark Sloan.

5. Season Six

Callie's uber religious dad cuts her off for being bisexual which sucks. Calzona is fine until Callie realizes that her pediatric surgeon girlfriend does not want kids. Laying the groundwork for season 7 right there.

6. Season Seven

Basic Rundown: Arizona gets a job in Africa where she was initially going to go with Callie, but then dumps her at the airport. Callie cuts her hair ( which I love) and hooks up with Mark. Arizona comes back and begs for forgiveness and then Callie reveals that she is pregnant. Callie then gets in a car crash, gives birth, recovers, and then gets married to Arizona.Yay!

7. Season Eight

Married life is treating Callie pretty well and being the best wing woman that she can be she helps her baby daddy, Mark, find love.

8. Season Nine

Tragedy strikes and half of the attendants have a plane crash. Mark and Lexie die and Callie is forced too cut off Arizona's leg.

9. Season 10

Callie and Arizona get divorced after Arizona cheats on her.

10. Season 11 and 12

Season11 mainly focuses on Derek and Meredith's relationship and his death.Callie leaves in season 12 with her girlfriend Penny after a longcustody battle between her and Arizona over their daughter, Sofia.
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