Peter Nelson: The Man Behind the Call Her Daddy Drama
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Peter Nelson: The Man Behind the Call Her Daddy Drama

5 Things to Know about THE Suit Man

Peter Nelson: The Man Behind the Call Her Daddy Drama

Hi Daddy Gang,

Welcome to one of this week's articles, it's your host Henri back at it again, and I am upset. With all the quarantining and distancing and what not I was really looking forward to my daily pod from our founding fathers, but at last...

For those of you that have been hiding under a boulder, there's a name that I have heard one too many times in the past few weeks, that is Peter Nelson. If you are one of these people that do not listen to the Podcast Call Her Daddy and have no idea what the title of this article means you can click here for Portnoy's take on the situation.

Anyways, after hearing all the tea about Suitman I decided to do a little digging on the HBO Sports exec AND Sophia Franklyn's (ex co-host's) boyfriend. I have never heard the name Peter Nelson before so I did some research about the man beneath the suit and here are some things I found worth noting about the guy who everyone is blaming for the split-up of Call Her Daddy.

Suitman and Sophia are an item

Peter Nelson, who is referred to on the podcast as "Suitman", in order to keep the host's personal relationships private has been dating Sophia for over a year now. So it' could say to put a face to the name, and the uhm..stories we've heard about him.

He's smart, I mean really smart

The Harvard grad graduated Summa Cum Laude and became HBO Sports Exec at age 32. Here's dude talking about sports in his own words!

Did I Mention He's Rich?

Suitman's booming career includes him making deals with LeBron James and Bill Simons just to throw some names out there so you can get an idea of the people he is in business with.

He Was Apparently an Acting Manager for the Duo

The Quagmire look-alike was trying to do some behind the scenes action and get the duo (mainly in Sophia's benefit) a better deal than their Barstool's 3-year-contract with the girls.


Anyways, this whole split-up of the girls has the Daddy Gang crying on the floor right about now.

The Call Her Daddy brand is founded on the Gluck-Gluck, remembering you are only a hole, and not letting men influence your decisions. So it's a little sad to see one of the hosts of this female power-house of a podcast lose her voice over a boyfriend when she preaches quite the opposite, but hey you live and you learn right?

Suitman, you really fumbled the bag on this one, but it's okay because we still have our single father.

And as the great Alexandra Cooper once said, "I'll see you fuckers next Wednesday"

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