We all know someone who drinks WAY too much coffee. In my friend group, that person is me. Around junior or senior year of high school, coffee consumption became a daily occurrence. Now, it's rare that a day goes by where I don't have any coffee. When you're as addicted to the stuff as I am, you start to notice a pattern.

The Keurig Machine

As a college student, my Keurig is a life saver. While most college dorms only allow Keurigs or similar machines as opposed to drip machines, to begin with, they are by far the more convenient option. I can have my coffee in under two minutes and be out the door on time for class. I can stop back at my dorm in the middle of the day if I want a refresher cup.

Moreover, Keurig pods are a common gift. For my birthday in April, my parents sent a care package that included new Dark Magic coffee pods. Thanks, guys.

Cafeteria Coffee

Among the many offerings in the campus dining halls, you can always find giant containers of hot coffee for the students. If I choose to eat breakfast in the dining hall, I will always make a pit stop at the coffee station. While the coffee is nothing special, you eventually get used to the taste. Besides, if it's your only option, what are you gonna do?

Coffee Shops

Whether you're a Dunkin person or a Starbucks person, having a chain coffee shop is a blessing. People who are loyal to each chain will agree on this. At my school, there are three Dunkins on campus. When I walk into the Dunkin in the union, I always know what I'm gonna order. I'm pretty sure some baristas have started to recognize me. While having the coffee shops around is certainly a convenience, the major downside is that you can spend so much money. See the next section for more.


There are many reasons that I would prefer to go to Dunkin to get my coffee. It tastes great, it's the most convenient option, or I'm running late and don't have time for a proper breakfast. The common theme here is that I'll end up spending unnecessary money on something I can get for free OR make for myself. However, I stand by my ideology that it's 127% worth it to treat myself.

Judgement From Others

In my freshman year, I usually had two coffees a day:

1. In the morning when I wake up

2. In the afternoon as a pick-me-up

More often than not, my friends saw me with coffee. They would give me looks of disapproval, and if I went to Dunkin, there was always the comment of, "You're spending too much money." While that is true, Dunkin iced coffee was the one treat I allowed myself at school. I fully intend on having a job next semester (likely at Dunkin) to make up for the money I spend.


As I stated before, my parents kindly sent me Keurig pods in my birthday care package. This wasn't the only time where they did that. There were multiple instances where I received replacement K cups. On birthday and Christmas wish lists, Keurig pods are often a requested item. The same is true for Dunkin gift cards. These are great for Dunkin Perks. That way, you can order on the go when you're running late for your 8:00 and 9:00 am classes.

You'll Never Give It Up

As much as you say that "you're trying" to cut back on your coffee intake, you'll never actually do it. You know you won't, your family knows you won't, and you're friends most certainly know you won't. Right before finals, I had a friend call me out on this. I'd told him I was trying to cut back for the 100th time, and he said, "You're not trying."

You know what? He's not wrong.

At the end of the day, you love your coffee, and you wouldn't want to give it up for the world.