Buzzfeed Fired One Of Their Most Talented Personalities

Buzzfeed Fired One Of Their Most Talented Personalities

Watch the ten most popular videos by Brittany Ashley.

I'm a huge fan of Buzzfeed, particularly their quizzes and videos. You may be thinking, "Yeah, I saw a Buzzfeed video that I liked a few times." But you may not understand the severity of what I'm saying here. If I could wear a Buzzfeed hoodie, I would. At all times. If Buzzfeed called and offered me a job, I would drop out of college and move to L.A. One of my coworkers changed my job description to "Buzzfeed Quiz Taker" on my work website for a few days as a joke.

It's a serious love.

So essentially nothing was more dismaying to me to learn that Buzzfeed had fired one of my favorite personalities, Brittany Ashley, for violating the non-compete clause in her contract. Politico reports that Ashley and fellow Buzzfeed Motion Pictures worker Jenny Lorenzo were fired for appearing in a web series produced by America Ferrera.

Ashley has not openly criticized Buzzfeed, and tweeted that fans should continue to support her friends on the BFMP staff, but did also send this not-so-cryptic tweet:

As a fan of the self-proclaimed lesbian sweetheart for America, I've compiled a list of the Top 10 Buzzfeed video projects starring Brittany, based on views. Just so you know, I looked at over 60 videos featuring Brittany, and every video in the top ten has over 4.5 million views.

1. Dating: Now Vs. The '90s

2. What It's Like To Be Stoned At The Grocery Store

3. People Cover Up Regrettable Tattoos

4. People Use A Bidet For The First Time

5. 10 Things Only People With Attention Problems Understand

6. 7 Things Only Middle Children Understand

7. 13 Reasons Having An Opposite-Sex BFF Is Awesome

8. 9 Questions Gay People Have For Straight People

9. 13 Things Only Siblings Will Understand

10. Masturbation: Guys Vs. Girls

Adding up the views of all of these videos, there are over 72 million views. Is Buzzfeed losing something more than just a face?

Want to see more of Brittany? Check out two of her Buzzfeed series: Temporary and Lesbian Princess. And watch the trailer for Gente-Fied, the America Ferrera backed web series that led to Brittany and Jenny's parting.

Cover Image Credit: Politico

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Dalliance to Glory

As an affair sinks in deeper, mother nature questions their love that could never be answered with certitude.


Dustless air,

Dustless footprints,

Padded on the green grass,

Do memories last that long?

A dreamy sunset blanketed our distracted ego,

It whispers beauty on wings,

The moon got envious and looked at us with a jaundiced eye,

He showed up a little early

A careless evening,

A crowded sky,

We walked down Canton Street with blooming love in our eyes

The queen of rays,

She gave us space,

Allowing us to rest in grace

Cold nights don't exist in our dictionary,

We might find heated love without trying

We drowned in breathless hugs,

Sweet little kisses,

We overdosed

A thing of love becomes my muse,

Your touch rings in my ear like jazz and blues

We find a hint of familiarity,

A common denominator,

In a melted pot of brass,

Raised by two different kinds of mass

It was a base of friendship and laughters that built us,

Universe then carries us through multiple levels of trust,

Though we live with a sheer screen of lust,

I count the unknown days in which you'd stop making me blush

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