I Bought Clothes From Shein And Here's How It Went

Everyone has seen those websites trying to sell you cute clothes for four dollars, the Instagram ads and random pop-ups that show fun styles and dashingly low prices. Well, I decided that since I had a visa gift card on the verge of expiring, I was going to test the waters and try out one of these sketchy websites... Shein.

Disclaimer, I have already had some success and failure on Shein, but this time I tried clothes that I knew would be out there for me.

Based on my past experience with Shein, I already knew that there was going to be roughly a 50/50 chance that these clothes would fit. Most of the time, if I get something that doesn't fit, I pawn it off to one of my friends in exchange for some ice cream.

This first shirt was surprisingly a hit, and as you will see, I love a good stripe. This shirt was seven dollars and made of a really soft, stretchy fabric. The fit is exactly what I would expect from a crop top, but the knot in the front is kind of awkward on my short torso and bigger bust. I did find that if you spin it backward, it actually looks arguably better than with the knot in the front, and it fits exactly the same. For seven dollars, I'll say that's a win.

Megan Carmen

The second item I ordered was this pair of striped (yeah, I told you I love stripes) bag shorts. They fit well and made my butt look pretty good. I will say that the buttons are fake, they hold nothing together and the waistband is elastic so I feel kind of like I was wearing a diaper, but the pockets were deep and the pattern was cute, so I'd count these as a win as well. I could definitely smash a full meal in these shorts, and they seem very light and breezy. The shirt I'm wearing in this picture is also from Shein, and despite having owned it for like six months, it has held up very well for being so cheap.

Megan Carmen

Next up on the list was this striped (OK, last one, I promise) shirt tank top thing with frilled sleeves. As soon as I pulled it out of the bag, I knew it was going to be a rough one. The fabric was cheap feeling linen and the sleeves were... poofy. When I put it on, my friend and assistant photographer, Jordan, broke out laughing. It was bad. I had square boobs. I couldn't breathe. I looked like an escaped circus clown. I don't even know if I can pawn this onto my friends, it really is that bad.

Megan Carmen

The last shirt I got was a total flop, for me at least. It was supposed to be a button-up tank top and despite having chosen the size based on my exact measurements, it was so far from buttoning it may have as well been a vest.

Megan Carmen

This was honestly more disappointing than funny because I was really hoping this would fit. It would have been really cute if, you know, my boobs weren't hanging out.

Luckily, Jordan was able to wear this and look amazing in it so she scored a new tank.

Megan Carmen

All in all, this was a success I would say. Based on previous shopping attempts on Shein, a 50% success rate is not bad at all. If I had to do this again, I would reorder the floral tank in a larger size because I am kind of bummed it didn't fit. I've had my eye on a few other pieces on Shein, so stay tuned for an update.

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