An Honest Review of SheIn

A Brutally Honest Review Of Shein, That Site You See All Over Facebook

Adorable clothes for extremely low prices - is Shein too good to be true?


I have always been the kind of person who looks for bargain prices. If there is a way I can save money during a purchase, I'm doing it. With that being said, I also appreciate quality products. If a company is advertising good quality clothes for cheap, I'm automatically interested. This is what led me to discover Shein. Shein is an international company specializing in mainly women's clothing. On their website, you can find shirts as cheap as $4 and jewelry under $2. Are these prices too good to be true? I decided I would take my chances and find out.

Spring break is creeping up around the order and so I set out looking for some cute outfits that I could wear on vacation. The website was filled with amazing deals from left to right.

In total, I spent $62 on five items with free shipping. Here's what I bought:

Ok and this one is, "Literally Just A Bed Sheet"

5. White cowrie shell braided choker necklace - $2

With these things in my cart, I went through with my order. I was optimistic - reviews looked good and despite the horror stories about Shein posted online, I was hopeful. It took 14 days for my package to get to my house and along the way, I had tried to find a customer service number or email with no luck. The clothes were said to be produced in a warehouse in Guangzhou, China and then traveled all the way to the United States.

Does Shein produce affordable, trendy clothing that isn't low quality? Let's find out.

6. This one I like to call, "Is she a sailor or is she a railroad conductor two piece."

7. Back view

There was not a perfect, pretty bow already tied on the top so I had to make do with the subpar knot skills I learned in Girl Scouts. The top was a bit large and felt quite awkward on my shoulders, yet the bottoms were on the verge of being too small to fit into. The material was clearly very cheap and as a whole, I don't think it looks as good as it did in the photos from the website. I would rate this outfit a 6-7 out of 10 just because I think with better sizing and a prettier bow it could look a lot nicer.

8. Next up we have, "Patterns you've probably seen in your grandmother's house."

Honestly, I LOVE this romper. I know the doily lace and mustard yellow floral print does make it look like the interior of an old woman's living room, but I'm kinda living for it. It's pretty comfortable and certainly light because of the thin material. The straps are adjustable and pretty soft. For only $15 this one deserves a 9/10. The only thing missing is a better quality material.

9. Back view

10.  This one screams, "I'm a doily, also seen at your grandma's."

This one is intended to be a swim cover-up that is one size fits all and I really like it. It's a bit see-through and the material is a little rough/scratchy, but I think it will look super cute at the beach! This one gets a 9 out of 10 and I will definitely be wearing it this spring break.

11. Back view

12.  Ok and this one is, "Literally just a bed sheet."

This one was my least favorite out of all of the items I purchased. The material was the worst and I just feel like it does not look flattering on me at all. Plus, it's held up by a literal rope which hurts and looks pretty sloppy. I really wished it looked more like the picture because I thought it could be a cute beach dress. I give this a 1/10 because it vaguely looks like what I ordered.

13.  Back view

14.  Finally we have, "Shell yeah this necklace rocks!"

I love this necklace. It's basically just shells tied around a rope-like string, but I think it is really simple and cute. I can totally see myself relaxing on the beach wearing this with the cover-up shown earlier over a swimsuit. This one totally deserves a 10/10!

So is Shein too good to be true? Sometimes. I think it's really hit or miss with these products. Some I really love and some just don't work for me. With that being said, I'm impressed the items were so cheap and 14 days for overseas shipping isn't the worst thing in the world. If you want cheap clothes that will look really cute on (most of the time) and also have a lot of time to wait for them, Shein is the store for you.

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15 Items You'll Actually Need For Your Dorm Room

You can thank me later.


When my parents helped me move into my dorm room, I realized that there were a lot of items that we didn't think about. I ended up purchasing a lot of these items later on because I didn't realize how necessary they were until I was fully settled into my dorm.

1. Extra-long drawers

If you're like me and have a thousand t-shirts and pairs of jeans and leggings extra long drawers are essential for clothing storage. Having four of these drawers helped me store all of my items with ease.

2. An ottaman or stepstool

This is one thing that I totally did not think of when I moved into my dorm. Looking back, I really wonder how I thought I was going to get into my bed. After I moved in, my parents quickly ran to Target and got an ottoman so I could get into my bed. It spruces up the room while also being able to hold my snacks in it.. which is essential.

3. A vanity mirror

I ended up paying a pretty price for my vanity mirror, but its worth it. It has a light, so it became so easy to do my makeup in my room at any time of the day.

4. A planner that works for you

First of all, don't be like me and get a planner that is too small to even write anything in it. I did that and saw my grades suffer. I ended up asking for a planner for Christmas and I couldn't wait to start using it. It has a page to set goals every month and to-do lists for every week.

5. A nice water bottle

I was that cliché student and got a nice Hydro Flask water bottle before I started college. Even though I had to get a special kind with a nozzle, it was completely worth it knowing it would keep me hydrated.

6. Felt hangers

This is one thing that my mom suggested, and I am so glad she did. It may seem like a small change but felt hangers truly make a huge difference in closet space. I have most of my winter clothes and some summer dresses all in one closet thanks to these hangers.

7. Assorted command hooks

These are essential for every college student. I used command hooks for my jewelry, my bathrobe and toiletries and my Christmas lights. They may be a little pricey but its worth it for storage and aesthetic purposes.

8. A toaster

I didn't get a toaster until the second semester of college but it's been a lifesaver. Because of my toaster, I was able to have breakfast in my dorm instead of using my meal plan or spending extra money.

9. A collapsible laundry basket

My roommate actually bought this after the first semester because she liked mine so much. It was not only super easy to store but made doing my laundry so much easier.

10.  A rug

It sounds simple, but its amazing how a rug makes everything look more cohesive and cozy.

11.  A memory foam mattress cover

The mattresses in college dorms are pretty uncomfortable, so getting a foam mattress topper was key. It's made my bed so much more comfortable.

12.  Printed pictures

I printed off many pictures at the end of my first semester. I had pictures from back home, but also from my first semester. Sometimes when I'm feeling down, I like to look at those pictures and realize how grateful I should be for the people in my life.

13.  Spinning toiletry organizer

I ordered this off of amazon a few weeks into my freshman year and it minimized my storage so much.

14.  Large luggage bags

I didn't realize how many clothes I had until I came home from Thanksgiving break. These luggage bags are essential for easy traveling.

15.  A winter coat and boots

This is SO important. I got a winter coat for Christmas during my senior year, and felt really silly wearing such a long coat outside. However, once I got to college I realized that everybody wears these winter coats and so important. So many of my friends bought boots after the first semester of college because they realized how important they are. They not only keep your feet warm but have super good traction which prevents you from slipping while walking to class.

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