The Ultimate Guide To Shopping At Asian Wholesale Websites Such As SheIn, Romwe, And Zaful

The Ultimate Guide To Shopping At Asian Wholesale Websites Such As SheIn, Romwe, And Zaful

Don't let their pretty pictures fool you.

For as long as I’ve been online shopping, I’ve fallen victim to Asian wholesale websites.

$15 for a bikini? Insane.

$10 for a top? Unbelievable!

That being said, you have to be cautious of the scammers, the false advertising, and the God-awful sizing.

And let’s not forget about their poor customer service abilities — or lack thereof.

I made a lot of mistakes and learned all these things so you don’t have to! Follow my three, golden rules in order to ensure a safe and smart shopping trip.

1. Read their sizing charts

If you’ve shopped at any Asian wholesale website before, you already know their sizing is a little wonky. A medium is actually a small? A small is actually an extra small?

Most Asian wholesale websites go by Asian sizing. So, be sure to measure yourself and read their sizing charts to see best fit.

(Tip: Don’t be afraid to message their customer service if you’re still unsure of how the product might fit.)

2. Read their reviews

Don’t let their pretty pictures fool you. Those pictures may actually have been stolen off other e-commerce websites or bloggers.

Reading product reviews will help ensure the product you paid for is actually the product you paid for.

(Tip: Watch haul videos! Whenever I want to see how a particular item looks on someone approximately my size, I go to YouTube.)

3. Look for coupon codes

There's almost always coupon codes available to make your overall total even cheaper. I use Honey and RetailMeNot, but if all else fails, Google is your best friend.

(Tip: Some YouTubers have coupon codes for SheIn, Romwe, Zaful, and tons more! You can usually find them in their videos’ description boxes.)

Onto some of my favorite Asian wholesale websites to shop at…

1. Zaful

I’ve never been “scammed” by Zaful, meaning I’ve never had my money taken away from them and not received something in return. Same goes for any Asian wholesale website I’ve shopped at. Maybe I’ve just been lucky? Knock on wood.

If anything, I think I’ve had the most luck with Zaful. They’re known for their cute, affordable bikinis. Their tops are also to die for. I highly recommend giving them a try if you’re in the market for cheap bikinis this summer.

2. SheIn

I’ve also been shopping on SheIn for quite some time now. I’ve had more trouble with their sizing than most, but that’s okay.

They’re my go-to for all the hottest, latest trends at a price you can’t beat! Shipping is free when you spend $49 or more. Express shipping is free if you spend $99 or more and you’re guaranteed to get your items within 2-4 business days.

3. Romwe

To be completely honest with you… Romwe is a lot like SheIn (but we’ll talk about that another day). You’re bound to see the same items found on SheIn on Romwe. Sometimes they’re at an even lower price than SheIn, which is why I highly recommend you have two tabs open in order to ensure you get the best deal possible.

4. YesStyle

People sleep on YesStyle way too much! By far, one of the best Asian wholesale websites I’ve ever shopped at. It has a wide variety of different styles from different cultures. My go-to place for all things Korean fashion, too!

5. Wish

Okay, don’t exit out of this article just yet! Hear me out! Wish is actually a great place for little things. For example, I’ve gotten a few phone cases from them and they’re amazing. You can’t really mess up on a phone case, nor can you beat $2 for one!

6. Joom

Joom is a lot like Wish. I found them by accident and now I’m purposely telling you, lovely readers, to check them out. Once again, a great place for little things. I’ve also bought clothes and shoes on there and they turned out pretty good!

7. Fairy Season

To wrap everything up, here’s another not-so-popular Asian wholesale website you may or may not know about. My go-to place for dupes! My personal favorite is my Tommy Hilfiger bandeau. It looks just like the real thing for a fraction of the cost.

And there you have it! The ultimate guide to shopping at Asian wholesale websites. I’ll leave you with a great video from one of my favorite YouTubers who tested out $5 clothes from Romwe for a week. Maybe it’ll inspire you to shop from them, too — or scare you away.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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