What girl doesn't like shopping at pink? I know I like shopping at pink! Here are reasons why!

1. Comfortable clothes

I can wear the clothes from pink from the time I put them on in the morning to the time I take them off at night to get ready for bed.

2. Cute and good styles

I like all the clothes and the way that design them and how make them. The clothes have good style and how they fit me and how they look on me. I like the design on the clothes and how they make them easy to wear.

3. You don't spend a lot of money on the clothes

You can get clothes from there the shirts for like 15 bucks and you can buy pants for like 20 bucks and you get other things like body spray, makeup and you can get these for you to buy. The clothes will last for you a while for not expense for you to buy.

4. Summer clothes

I really like there summer clothes because they have shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits galore! They only make the tank top, shorts and swimsuit during the summer just for people to buy.

5. Yoga pants and yoga shorts

I love wearing the yoga pants and even the shorts. I like the wearing the yoga pants like during the day and I like wearing the shorts if I'm just hanging out and doing nothing. I like wearing the yoga crop legging if its really cool out during the day.

6. Mall trip

Every time I go to the mall that when my first store I always walk into is pink and that when I always have to buy a pair of clothing from there even its a shirt, pair of sweat or yoga pants, a sweatshirt, or during the summer even a swimsuit. When I go to the mall its doesn't matter who it with I can go to the mall with my family, friends and my boyfriend.