5 Reasons Madewell Clothing Is Life Changing

5 Reasons You Need To Start Shopping At Madewell

Trust me, you're going to thank me later for this.


Firstly, I want to start by giving a special shoutout to my roomie for getting me hooked on Madewell. One night I was having an issue while jean shopping and she gave me the low down on all things jean and why I needed to convert to Madewell jeans right then and there. Since that night, I am now the proud owner of a pair of Madewell Curvy jeans and let me just say, I AM NEVER GOING BACK TO ANY OTHER JEAN BRANDS.

Like holy amazeballs, these jeans fit EVERY aspect of my weird curvy/pear-shaped body and damn do I get so many compliments every time I wear them. Not only is Madewell an amazing jean company, but they -- in my opinion -- are one of the best companies overall to date when it comes to their branding and their outcome on the earth. So here's is some important knowledge on why you need to start looking more into this company.

1. Denim. Denim. Denim. 


I don't know about you, but I have the worst luck with anything denim. Either it doesn't fit my thighs, is too large around my hips, or it just does not compliment my figure whatsoever. Well here ya go my dude, Madewell denim is tailored to fit literally everyone and anyone who is a human being. Their denim is not only incredibly flattering on everyone, but they a variety of styles and trends. My beautiful curvy jeans are high-rise -- and completely different from American Eagle's High Rise Jean -- and have yet to be ruined from washing. They are also the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn. Madewell strives to keep their denim cute, fun, classic and comfy.

2. Their 'Do Well' slogan is amazing.


Have you ever heard of denim recycling?? Uh probably, really, not, and neither did I until I found out that Madewell is one of the few companies to actually do this. Denim recycling is where a company will let you bring in an old pair of jeans -- they can be ratty or brand new it doesn't matter -- and give you a certain amount off ($20) of a new pair. But what do they do with your old pair? They send those old jeans to Blue Jeans Go Green and gets recycled into housing insulation. How amazing is that??

Madewell also works with Girls Inc. to empower women, the Human Rights Campaign and the Surfrider Foundations which helps to clean up water in beach areas that need help.

3. Student discount.


Uh yea, so every student gets a 10 percent discount when you show your student ID. That is all on that one. It cannot be combined with some other promotions, but like hey if you have a student ID you might as well use it. Save that money!

4. Madewell insider perks.


Much like other stores, Madewell has their own rewards program that knocks out any other program. Not only is it free to join, but if you join then you can get free leather and denim personalization, free shipping, invitations to special events, and a few other pretty nice perks. The biggest one is that you get a crazy good birthday gift. You know how most stores give you a few days to redeem your birthday gift? Well, Madewell gives you the whole month and it is worth the surprise.

5. Quality over quantity.


Now for the real kicker. Madewell is owned by J. Crew, which means that yes they are on the pricier end of the spectrum when it comes to clothing companies. Yet, Madewell's clothing is so incredibly made that it can seriously last you a while and you won't have to restock on jeans or sweaters every single year. All of their stuff is so versatile that is goes with a multitude of styles. As long as you are using some good deals and getting really quality made items then it cannot hurt to make the switch and try out some of their clothing here and there.

Madewell has seriously become one of my newest clothing obsessions. Everything they have is cute as heck and looks good on a plethora of different body types. I cannot wait to buy more jeans from them and see what else they do.

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Top 5 Best Dress Websites To Shop At

These websites are sure to help you find what you're looking for!

It's that time of year again! With prom, sorority/fraternity formals, weddings, and graduation parties all coming up there are so many different reasons you'll need to go shopping for a new dress. However, dress shopping can be stressful and with so many different stores/websites available it can the experience extremely overwhelming. Below I have narrowed down the top five best websites to shop at that will be sure to meet all your dress needs:

1. Tobi

Tobi is one of my favorite dress websites! The site offers a wide variety of dress options at very affordable prices. Every time I have ordered a dress from Tobi I have been able to get it for half of the original price listed. Anytime I need to buy a dress, Tobi is the first website I go to.

2. Boohoo

Boohoo is a global fashion retailer offering thousands of styles across both menswear and womenswear. Out of all five of these websites, Boohoo's clothing is the least expensive option. On top of their already low prices, Boohoo is always offering discount codes on their website for up to 50% off.

3. Lulus

Though Lulus is the most expensive of the five websites, in my opinion, their products are of the highest quality. Both of the dresses I have ordered from this site were made with thick material and fit true to size. If you have the money saved up, I highly recommend buying a dress from this website.

4. Missguided

Missguided is a website that I have recently become familiar with and is the best website to shop at if you are in need of a more formal dress. There is even a section for affordable prom dresses! The best part about this website is that they always offer a student discount.

5. Showpo

Disclaimer: I haven't actually ordered anything from this site myself, however, a lot of my friends swear by Showpo. The online boutique offers a unique product variety offering clothing options you can't find elsewhere. Every time I have worn anything from the site, I have always received compliments. The only downside of Showpo is that it takes longer than other websites to ship their products to the United States because the company is based in Australia.

These websites are sure to help you find what you're looking for!

Cover Image Credit: milbprospective

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The Met Gala 2019: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

We'll just ignore the fact I won't ever be invited to The Met Gala.


I'm not much of an awards show kind of person and I don't care much for fashion week, but the Met Gala — that's a whole other story. I love the unconventional looks, I love the creativity and I love the art behind the fashion. That being said, my biggest pet peeve with the Met Gala, is people who do not follow the theme! Why spend $35,000 on a ticket (if you made it onto the guest list) and not follow the theme?

The 2019 Met Gala theme was 'Camp: Notes on Fashion'. The idea of Camp is to be outrageous, ironic or just plain humorous. So this wasn't the time for subtly. Let's start with the ugly.

Ugly, to me, are people who didn't even try to fit the theme. So I'm talking plain black dresses, regular suits, etc. The top three ugly Met Gala fits: Liam Hemsworth, Kanye West and Rihanna.

I know, I know the burning question – RIHANNA? It hurts to say. But the Queen of the Met Gala, who kills it every year, was nowhere in sight and that was terribly painful.

Liam Hemsworth, also pains me to say, but the plain tux was not cute for Camp. We could've had emerald green accents to compliment Miley Cyrus' outfit. An emerald tie, emerald shoes, something Liam!

Kanye West didn't bother with a suit, which is forgivable in the case of Camp, but instead went with what's being reported as a $40 black Dickies jacket along with black pants and shoes. According to Kim Kardashian, he did this to let her be the star of the red carpet, but I mean, come on. It's the MET GALA.

Now onto the bad. To me, the bad are people who it is apparent they tried, but I know they could've popped off harder. My top three are James Charles, Harry Styles and Tracy Ellis Ross.

Again this is all painful, but starting with the co-chair of the Met Gala himself- Harry Styles. Now Harry looked good, as always, but he just wore a black jumpsuit with a partially see-through top. I know Harry could've gone harder!

Next is Tracy Ellis Ross. She wore a black dress with a golden frame around her head. Which again, there was effort, but there was nothing outrageous or crazy about the fit.

And lastly, James Charles. Unlike some of Twitter, I had no problem with YouTubers being invited to the Met Gala because they are making huge waves in our society. However, I did have a problem with James' outfit. Compared to his creative makeup looks and his Coachella outfits that are known to spark conversation. I know he could have done much better with this creative theme.

Now for the good! To me, good is people who nailed the theme and who killed the red carpet. My top three in this category are: Ciara, Jared Leto and Janelle Monae.

These people really brought the art with them, which was amazing and the put effort into every aspect of their looks.

Ciara wore an emerald green, sparkling full-length dress and had a huge afro with green eye makeup. The look was stunning and head turning. There was no subtly about it.

Jared Leto wore a red full-length robe that was decorated with silver jewels and he carried a wax figure of his own head. Very artistic and a little absurd, just the way Camp intended.

And Janelle Monae used a hot pink, black and white palette. With about five hats of different sizes on her head, a color block dress and facial features embedded into the dress and a purse that completed the face. It was out of the ordinary and super extra.

Lastly, here are some people who killed the Met Gala but they always do so there was no surprise. Here are my top two Met Gala royals: Zendaya and Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga is usually the Queen of Camp in general. There was no way she wasn't going to kill the Met Gala. Gaga had four outfit changes, each outfit smaller than the last. Lady Gaga's look was stellar and even with less fabric she still achieved the head-turning fashion that is Camp.

Zendaya kills the Met Gala every year. She is always on theme and always looks amazing. This year she wore a Cinderella-inspired look complete with glass slippers and a Fairy Godbrother who used his wand to make a smoky transformation for Zendaya. In addition, Zendaya left a glass slipper behind and wore a pink dress to the after party. This also fell into the Camp theme for its extravagance and for the irony. Zendaya started with Disney Channel and just recently ended her partnership with Disney, she has been moving on to more adult roles in movies and TV shows.

These were my thoughts on the good, the bad and the ugly of the 2019 Met Gala.


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