Firstly, I want to start by giving a special shoutout to my roomie for getting me hooked on Madewell. One night I was having an issue while jean shopping and she gave me the low down on all things jean and why I needed to convert to Madewell jeans right then and there. Since that night, I am now the proud owner of a pair of Madewell Curvy jeans and let me just say, I AM NEVER GOING BACK TO ANY OTHER JEAN BRANDS.

Like holy amazeballs, these jeans fit EVERY aspect of my weird curvy/pear-shaped body and damn do I get so many compliments every time I wear them. Not only is Madewell an amazing jean company, but they -- in my opinion -- are one of the best companies overall to date when it comes to their branding and their outcome on the earth. So here's is some important knowledge on why you need to start looking more into this company.

1. Denim. Denim. Denim. 


I don't know about you, but I have the worst luck with anything denim. Either it doesn't fit my thighs, is too large around my hips, or it just does not compliment my figure whatsoever. Well here ya go my dude, Madewell denim is tailored to fit literally everyone and anyone who is a human being. Their denim is not only incredibly flattering on everyone, but they a variety of styles and trends. My beautiful curvy jeans are high-rise -- and completely different from American Eagle's High Rise Jean -- and have yet to be ruined from washing. They are also the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn. Madewell strives to keep their denim cute, fun, classic and comfy.

2. Their 'Do Well' slogan is amazing.


Have you ever heard of denim recycling?? Uh probably, really, not, and neither did I until I found out that Madewell is one of the few companies to actually do this. Denim recycling is where a company will let you bring in an old pair of jeans -- they can be ratty or brand new it doesn't matter -- and give you a certain amount off ($20) of a new pair. But what do they do with your old pair? They send those old jeans to Blue Jeans Go Green and gets recycled into housing insulation. How amazing is that??

Madewell also works with Girls Inc. to empower women, the Human Rights Campaign and the Surfrider Foundations which helps to clean up water in beach areas that need help.

3. Student discount.


Uh yea, so every student gets a 10 percent discount when you show your student ID. That is all on that one. It cannot be combined with some other promotions, but like hey if you have a student ID you might as well use it. Save that money!

4. Madewell insider perks.


Much like other stores, Madewell has their own rewards program that knocks out any other program. Not only is it free to join, but if you join then you can get free leather and denim personalization, free shipping, invitations to special events, and a few other pretty nice perks. The biggest one is that you get a crazy good birthday gift. You know how most stores give you a few days to redeem your birthday gift? Well, Madewell gives you the whole month and it is worth the surprise.

5. Quality over quantity.


Now for the real kicker. Madewell is owned by J. Crew, which means that yes they are on the pricier end of the spectrum when it comes to clothing companies. Yet, Madewell's clothing is so incredibly made that it can seriously last you a while and you won't have to restock on jeans or sweaters every single year. All of their stuff is so versatile that is goes with a multitude of styles. As long as you are using some good deals and getting really quality made items then it cannot hurt to make the switch and try out some of their clothing here and there.

Madewell has seriously become one of my newest clothing obsessions. Everything they have is cute as heck and looks good on a plethora of different body types. I cannot wait to buy more jeans from them and see what else they do.