But His Emails?!?!

But His Emails?!?!

Sam Haskell's Miss America Mishap

"Beauty," class" and "elegance" are words that describe the woman that holds the title of Miss America. But such positive words are a far cry from the vicious attacks that former Miss America Organization CEO Sam Haskell once sent via email.

Haskell, a native of Mississippi, served as the chairman of the Miss America Organization from 2005-2017. In the early 2000s, thanks to the likes of shows such as "Toddlers and Tiaras," the pageant circuit had become one of ridicule and a way to become famous. However, under Haskell, the Miss America pageant rose to its former glory. It was a surge in the age old idea that pageantry served as a way to empower women. However, the objectivity of a woman's body that was present in the emails serve as a far cry from what his organization truly represents.

The vulgarity in the emails is quite shocking. If someone in a major company said vulgar slurs about a woman, much less a former Miss America, it would be expected that they would be fired as soon as possible. So why were the emails allowed to continue on for so long? The answer to that question at the current moment is not quite clear. However, with time, hopefully those affected will get the answers they so desperately search for.

Former Miss Americas have been quite vocal in their opinions of Haskell in the past. Chair of Actor's Equity and Miss America 1998 Kate Shindle had been wished dead. In another email, former Fox News Host Gretchen Carlson and Miss America 1989 had been called "the devil." It seems that for Haskell, it was less about creating a sisterhood within the organization and more about what vulgar insult he could hurl at former contestants and titleholders.

One of the more discussed titleholders in the subject lines of the emails was Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan. Hagan was a vocal advocate of Haskell's since her reign ended in 2013 and true colors came to light. Hagan said that once the shock of the inner dealings of Haskell's wore off, it was “a relief” that his behavior was finally known to the general public.

Now, the Miss America Organization faces a new era with the welcoming in of a former sister. On January 1, 2018, Gretchen Carlson became the first former Miss America to also hold the title of chairwoman. Although it has only been five days since the announcement was made, Carlson is already getting to work on the future of the pageant. Hopefully, Carlson's hiring is a step in the right direction for the Miss America organization and its pageants.

Contestants in the Miss America organization have tuned to writing poetry about their experiences as a way to combat backlash. It's in those poems that the true spirit of the Miss America Organization is shown. Sisterhood, a value that Miss America is so known for highlighting, also comes about. It's through the sisterhood that young girls and women find their voices in the world.

I truly believe that the Miss America Organization is one that deserves to be in the national spotlight. There, girls that will one day turn into our next generation of leaders can find role models. The 2018 class was one of not only diverse ethnicities, but of talents, too; Miss Louisiana 2017 got to perform her ventriloquist act on the national stage.

The Miss America Organization reflects on the diversity not only of its contestants, but of the states they are from. While I do think that there was a mishap in the troubling behavior of Sam Haskell, I know that the Miss America Organization will continue to have an impact on society. People recover from mishaps on a daily basis, and with a new year starting, it is the perfect time for a clean slate.

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10 Reasons Why I Want To Be a Nurse

"Our job is to love people. When it hurts. When it's awkward. When it's uncool and embarrassing. Our job is to stand together, to carry the burdens of one another and to meet each other in our questions." — Jamie Tworkowski


I truly believe that nursing is one of the greatest professions on this earth. It is demanding, but very rewarding. I haven't started my nursing career yet, but I am in college pursuing a nursing degree. Often I get the question "Why do you want to be a nurse?" And sometimes, when I have 40 assignments and five chapters to read in one day I also question my decision to become a nurse.

Here are 10 reasons why I'm choosing to stick it out and become a nurse:

1. You get to help others in many different ways.

Basically, your job is to serve others. It takes special people to be able to do this well. I love getting to help other people and show them Christ's love, whether that be consoling them when a loved one passed or helping them get better when they are sick.

2. Every day will be different.

You will have many different patients and tasks. Needless to say, no day will be boring.

3. You get to wear scrubs to work.

Come on, who doesn't want to wear scrubs every day? They are super comfortable, cute, and professional. You don't usually find those three aspects in one outfit.

4. You have a very wide range of career paths.

You could be an ER nurse, neonatal nurse, geriatric nurse, oncology nurse, and the list goes on and on...

5. There will always be a need for nurses and the pay is pretty good.

Job stability is always a plus in career paths. Depending on your path, you could also make a lot of money.

6. The human body is amazing and I love learning about it.

The human body and its processes have always been intriguing and interesting to me. With a nursing job, you never stop learning about it.

7. One day when I'm out in public and something terrible happens or someone has a medical issue, I can say "I'm a nurse!" and help out.

I've seen this happen many times and so badly I wanted to be the nurse in the room and be able to save the day.

8. You get to make a difference.

Being nice and caring for someone who doesn't get that kind of treatment just might change their life.

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9. You get to work with all kinds of cool medical equipment.

Every future nurse loves medical equipment and can't wait to use it all the time. We're nerdy and that's a good thing because our nerdiness will save lives one day.

10. You have one of the best jobs in the world.

Getting to help people while having fun and wearing cute scrubs sounds pretty great to me.

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11 Financial Tips For College Grads Who Don't Know Where To Start

Most people learn how to navigate their finances as they go, at the cost of making several mistakes and starting good habits later than they should've. Don't be like most people!


Adulting is hard, especially when it comes to money. If you're like me and you took a personal finance class in high school or college, you probably don't remember much because the information wasn't relevant to you at the time. Well, now you're almost done with college and you're ready to be welcomed into the real world as a freshly-minted adult. Suddenly you realize that class was probably one of the most important classes you ever could've taken.

Here are 11 tips to start making money moves today.

1. Start building your credit

It may not seem important now, but it's a good idea to start building your credit early. In three to five years or so, when you're ready to apply for a car or home loan, you're going to want to be approved to get the best interest rates, and that means having a credit score of at least 760. See tips two and three for more on how to increase your credit score.

2. Open a credit card if you don't have one already

One huge factor in your credit score is how long your oldest credit card account has been open, so you want to make sure to start early. A first card many people get is called a "secured" credit card, which basically acts like a debit card so the bank knows you won't go all "Shopaholic" and max it out. Make sure to pay every single one of your monthly payments on time and in full. No excuses, no exceptions.

3. Make all of your student loan payments on time and in full


4. Embrace the concept of paying yourself first

Paying yourself first is a concept that many millionaires, even billionaires, swear by. Decide how much of your income you want to save. Then set up a portion of your paycheck to deposit directly into your savings before you can even think about it. The rest can go to your checking account for spending on bills, food, rent, and other expenses.

5. Build a three- to six-month emergency fund

Did you know that 33% of Americans would struggle to pay $1,000 in an emergency? This is a serious issue. You don't want to ever experience living "paycheck to paycheck," let alone have a minor crisis throw your life upside down. That's why you're going to build this emergency fund before you do anything else with your money. Think of this fund as something that you can't touch until you absolutely need it. If and when that time comes, you'll know, and you'll be so grateful that you were smart and were prepared.

6. Open a Roth IRA

There are so many things to be said about Roth IRAs and why you should get one as a new college graduate. In short, IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account. A Roth IRA is unique because any money you put into it is taxed now, so you won't have to pay taxes on it when you're retired and ready to use it. The main benefit: you also won't have to pay any taxes on the money you earn in the account. In addition, because you're young, you get to take advantage of the power of compound interest for a long time before you retire. This could potentially earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars. The best time to open a Roth IRA was yesterday. So go do it now!

7. Contribute as much as possible to your 401k

A 401k is basically an investment bank account that you can't use until you retire, and it will be taxed once you start using it (so it is not taxed now). Many employers offer 401k matching, and they open one up for you when you start your first job. If your employer offers 100% matching up to 6% of your salary, that means that if you can afford to put 6% of your income into your 401k, your employer will also contribute the exact same amount. Listen to me: this is free money. I like free money. You like free money. Take it.

8. Open a high-yield savings account

This is 2019. Don't keep your money in cash or in a regular savings account, where it'll depreciate 2-3% in value every single year it sits there. Get yourself a high-yield savings account, in which interest rates are anywhere between 2.0 and 2.25%, and watch your money make money while you sleep.

9. Start tracking your spending

Since it has become much easier to make quick and painless purchases these days, you should definitely be aware of your spending. I personally like to use a free app, like Mint, that does all the work for you because it puts all of your financial accounts (ie. savings and checking accounts, investments, loans, assets, etc.) into one place.

10. Create a monthly budget for each of your spending categories

These include food, housing, transportation, entertainment, subscriptions, health and wellness, and maybe more. You should know the things you always buy on a monthly basis and how much they typically cost. Comparing your budget to what you really spent after a month will show you exactly where your weaknesses are. Try to stay at or under your budget for each category every month unless there's an unusual event, like a vacation or a car repair.

11. Learn the basics of investing

Compared to the other tips on this list, this is one you can put on the back-burner for a bit. However, that doesn't make it any less important. It's critical for everyone who is financially independent to understand the basics of stocks, bonds, Exchange-Traded Funds, Mutual Funds, REITs, and more that you can use to diversify your portfolio, including in your new Roth IRA and 401k!

What are you waiting for? Up your financial game!

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