If you're like me, or like any other student that attends a competitive and rigorous university, you know leisure time doesn't exist. I just finished my first year of college and am interning two places, and have two other part-time jobs for the summer. I average about 50-60 hours of work a week, this excludes the extra functions I am obligated to attend for my internships such as fundraisers and rallies. I also manage to workout four to five times a week and maintain a pretty active social life. So how do I balance all these components of my life? I don't.

Well at least not effectively. Did anyone notice I don't mention sleeping or participating in leisure activities because I don't. My existence is wrapped around my future career and any time left I focus on other aspects like friendships/relationships or trying to get ahead, by the time I have free time to do anything I just want to collapse and sleep for hours on end, knowing my alarm is gonna go off in five hours. Do I think I suffer from being burnt out? Yes. But what exactly is burnout? Burnout is when a person is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted due to excessive and long running stress, which can ultimately lead to hopelessness, feeling nothing you achieve matters and can physically deteriorate one's body. People tend to find simple chores or tasks unimaginably hard, such as going to the post office or grocery shopping because they are just so exhausted from their more important responsibilities. Many older generations find this to be laziness, but in actuality, it is the opposite. This generation is so hellbent on being successful we overwork, overbook, and over criticize ourselves to the point where we can't properly function.

Is there a solution?

Honestly, I think we as Gen Z'ers and millennials are products of our environment, and society needs to change in order for us to change our habits. From comparing ourselves on social media to pushing ourselves academically we never truly get a break from trying to be the "best" version of ourselves. Personally, I am going to take a break from social media that I feel is only toxic to my life. I deleted my finsta, which just became a place to rant, deleted most of my twitter content because it depicted me as someone I'm not, and I am ending snap streaks because they are actually the dumbest thing I've ever encountered. Everyone is different but I challenge you to find out what is weighing you down in ways you never realized and may be contributing to your burnout.