Yes, I Made A Bumble Account

Last week I was seeing a lot of "buzz" around this new app called Bumble and figured I'd check it out for myself. Readers Digest version of the app? It's a dating app that apparently puts the girl in charge of starting conversations with the people she matches up with (you can also adjust your settings to find your new best friend rather than your soulmate). I'll be honest, I didn't really know I'd have to initiate the conversations when I started this journey, which is probably why my account was so short lived.

I mean, don't get me wrong, there were some pretty nice-looking dudes on the app. But I found myself swiping left most of the time (though, the app allows you three opportunities to undo swipes), and I made absolutely zero contact with the whopping three guys I swiped right on. I'm just not usually the one to initiate conversation with people, so I felt the app was asking a lot of me even just to send a simple "Hey." I feel like that feature is probably to help girls relax from having to deal with creepy guys pulling an Anthony Weiner. However, it doesn't really do much to relax the girls who have enough difficulty placing their Dunkin order.

The "meeting a new friend" setting was a little more tolerable, because either girl could start the conversation in that case. I still swiped left most of the time though since I wasn't really looking for a new friend that lived hundred of miles away; that would've made Girls Day Out a little difficult to coordinate. And yes, you can adjust preferences for distance, but it didn't really seem like Bumble was accepting the fact I'd only go as far as acknowledging people 10 miles away. Like, it was adamant about showing me people from Rhode Island for some reason.

Honestly, the best thing that came out of having the app, which has since been deleted, was the text conversation with my friend when I realized how much responsibility came with being a girl on Bumble.

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