We change based on our environment; it's natural for us. The more we are hurt the more we build walls to protect us, we evolve.

But on occasion, we forget who we were before we were hurt before we built up the walls around us to protect ourselves from the people in our life who could hurt us.

And for a while this is OK.

But once you get to the point in your life where it begins to become hard to show people who you are and allow people to come and enjoy your true self. That is where the problem lies.

How beautiful it is to see the beauty that someone could be.

However, it is a "could be." Could be is never a guarantee, but how beautiful is it that we can put faith into something that can disappoint us.

Throughout life, we will encounter so many faces that will be unforgettable.

Yet, building a wall around ourselves pushes away the chances of new adventures, friendships, and even love.

The scary part of being a person that gives and is vulnerable isn't about the fear of being hurt,

it's the fear that we will find something that drives us and pushes us to be passionate and it getting taken away.

But that is what makes it meaningful.

If there wasn't a risk of losing it then it is worthless. The value doesn't exist because there is nothing at lose.