6 Affordable Valentine's Day Gifts To Get Your Girlfriend
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6 Affordable Valentine's Day Gifts To Get Your Girlfriend

Valentine's gift deals for the guy on a budget!

6 Affordable Valentine's Day Gifts To Get Your Girlfriend

As a guy on a budget, you probably dread every big holiday and the societal pressure you're put under to get the "best" gift for your girlfriend. Though handmade gifts are always welcome, sometimes you want to go the extra mile and get something more. In order to relieve some of the pressure of Valentine's Day, here's a list of six fantastic gifts you can get your girlfriend for $30.00 or less!

1. Dinner and a Movie - $30.00

I know, you're probably thinking it's impossible to afford both dinner AND a movie for only $30 bucks, but Restaurant.com has an awesome deal going on right now where you spend $30 and receive 2 movie tickets + a $100 dollar Restaurant.com eGift card! The two movie tickets are worth up to $12 each, valid at participating theaters, and the $100 eGift card restaurant options vary per your location. What a steal!

2. Flowers, Chocolate, and a Spa Set - $30.00

There are fewer things ladies love than the basics: flowers and chocolate. If you aren't sure where you can find quality flowers and chocolate, look no more! ProFlowers.com does the guesswork for you! For only $30 (plus S&H), you can get your s.o. 12 long-stemmed rainbow roses, a box of chocolates, and a mini spa set. Sweet and relaxing!

As a bonus, Groupon currently has a deal with ProFlowers where you can get $40 dollars' worth of goodies for only $20 dollars! That's a pretty sweet deal!

3. Jewelry (Bracelet) - $16.80

Getting something meaningful for your sweetheart doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive. Chances are, a sentimental Key to my Heart bracelet by famed jeweler Alex and Ani will make your girl swoon with joy and feel proud to show off her shiny new bangle. What makes it even better is you can get it from Amazon and use Prime for speedy shipping! Plus, with your extra savings, you might even want to get her a heart-shaped box of chocolates ($11.45) as well!

4. Makeup - $26.00

You vaguely remember your girlfriend talking about her favorite YouTube MUA (makeup artist), and how she really wanted to get a new spring eye shadow palette. Since you weren't sure what half of those words meant, the whole conversation kind of went in one ear and out the other. Well, if your lady isn't really into candy, you can give her a different type of sweet, like the Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Eye Shadow Palette. She'll love the thought you put into the gift and be able to glam herself up thanks to you!

5. Candle - $26.95

You've probably seen those videos all over Facebook with the candles that have something inside once you burn them to their end. Maybe you've always wondered what's so special about them. Those candles are Fragrant Jewels, and what makes them unique is when they burn down, there is a beautiful, fashionable ring inside! The rings' values vary, and you have the chance at striking gold with a $10,000 dollar ring! Basically, it's two gifts in one.

6. Stuffed Animal - $12.98

Whether you live in the same apartment, a bus ride away, or across the country from each other, sometimes you'll have to be apart. A cute, simple, timeless gift is a stuffed animal. It's something you can personalize with a little love, and it's something she can (literally) hold onto and think of you when you're not around! Be creative! Pick her favorite animal. Or, go classic with a teddy bear.

*Add-on Gift: Greeting Card - $2.99 to $7.99

Last but not least, the perfect way to top off any of these wonderful gifts is with a sentimental note inside of a greeting card. Though it may seem silly, we love to hang onto these cute, cheesy, and romantic cards so we can read them time and time again when we're missing you, when we're sad, or when we find them in the bottom of our underwear drawer years after you wrote them. Adding a greeting card with a personalized message inside is the cherry on top of an already awesome Valentine's Day present!

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