15 Lifelong Goals That Complete My Bucket List
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15 Lifelong Goals That Complete My Bucket List

There is so much left to see and do!

15 Lifelong Goals That Complete My Bucket List
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At 19 years old, I've come to the conclusion that my life is only (about) 20 percent complete. It truly is a stretch for my mind to comprehend the fact that I am so young and that there is so much in life left to see, regardless, I feel like I've already been alive for so long already. Although I am hesitant to grow up and shuffle into adulthood, I know that great things await. Here are 15 things on my bucket list, that I hope to experience before I conclude my time on Earth many many decades from now.

1. Build my own home from the ground up, with a built-in gym and yoga studio.

2. Experience an electrifying kiss in the rain with the love of my life. (Yes, just like the sappy Nicholas Sparks movies...)

3. Rescue all of my dogs, despite their disability or flaw.

4. Have children of my own.

5. Conquer my Acrophobia and Agoraphobia.

6. Spend an entire Summer music festival hopping.

7. Attend a yoga retreat in each continent.

8. Buy an old Summer home in Charleston, South Carolina on the water and completely renovate it.

9. Volunteer on a mission trip in a foreign country.

10. Get a PhD in Kinesiology.

11. Learn to play the piano.

12. Get a tattoo in my grandparents' handwriting.

13. Publish a book.

14. Travel everywhere on my travel bucket list with my love.

15. Become a basketball coach.

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