Each year, the anticipation for the end of the school year seems to drag on, while the months of summer pass in the blink of an eye.

Knowing that it was the summer before my friends and I were separated because of college, I knew that we couldn't waste summer days trying to figure out what we should do, so we decided to make a bucket list.

Our bucket list consisted of fifty-two activities that ranged from simple things like treating ourselves to insomnia cookies to more complex ideas such as going on a flip-a-coin road trip.

Admittedly, while making the list, I did think that we were just being basic girls who were only doing it for the VSCO. And yes, I did post it on my VSCO, but the bucket list turned out to be more than just an aesthetically pleasing picture. It made our summer the most memorable three months.

Without this list of ideas, our summer would not have been as successful as it turned out to be. Especially for my friends and I, who have trouble making any decisions, the bucket list was a tool to help us focus on certain things we knew we wanted to do before we were all states apart.

By always having a list of activities on hand, we were never wondering what our next adventure would be. The bucket list allowed to make memories we would have never thought to make. From wearing coordinating outfits in public to getting a pet fish, we now have so many fond stories of our time together to look back on whenever we are missing each other throughout college.

For anyone wondering how to spend their summer, I would highly recommend making a bucket list. It does not have to be as long as ours was and you don't even have to finish all the things on it, but it allows you to actually do fun things rather than wasting your time thinking of fun things to do.