The Browns Win from the eyes of the football Inefficient
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I Live In Downtown Cleveland, And Frankly, I Really Don’t Care That The Browns Finally Won Their First Game In 600 Days

The Browns won their first game in 2 years, but not everyone in Cleveland was over the moon about it.

I Live In Downtown Cleveland, And Frankly, I Really Don’t Care That The Browns Finally Won Their First Game In 600 Days

600 days without a single win, that's what people use to think of when they thought of the Cleveland Browns. However, that said one fateful night in September the dry spell was broken, and they won their first game — in 600 days I might add — and opened the many coolers around town. I watched from the 5th floor of Fenn Tower as people ran outside into the night screaming and shouting.

Living in the heart of downtown Cleveland gives the perfect vantage point to witness the post-game rush and madness. You can't imagine the way the city lit up that night — in more than just one way.

The town was flowing with waves of amber as the victory coolers were opened and beers were being poured. It was official. The Browns had single-handedly gotten Northeast Ohio drunk on victory. And the taste of victory is still lingering on the taste buds of everyone's mouths as we move forward into the season.

I, however, was not drunk off the victory. In fact, I was very confused off of the victory. If I am being completely honest — which I always am — I have never watched a game of football in my life. Sure I went to the games in high school and cheered when the rest of the crowd cheered, but I never actually watched the game. I went to high school football games to hang out with my friends, not for my actual love — or lack thereof — football.

I have never watched a game of football on T.V., and not once in my life has my mother set out to make a game day spread for the Super Bowl. If we are being even more honest, I don't think my dad has ever told me who he thinks will win, or if he even cares about such novelties. My entire life has been a shockingly football-less existence.

That all being said and laid out on the table, the Browns win for me was like an outsider looking in. I knew all the names of the notable players from that evening — I even knew what they looked like — but I had no concept of what they had done to help achieve the greatness that was the 2018 win. In fact, as my classmates sat around me whispering about memorable plays that were made I sunk into my seat and began scrolling through social media, only to find posts about the win.

The Browns haunted my every move, and I had no idea were to run, being football inefficient.

I went through the day walking through the halls of the school, and around campus hiding from any Browns crazed fan. It was as though I had walked into my worst nightmare. Everywhere I turned I was prepared to run. Everywhere I looked I saw my own worst fear of a person hoping to talk about football. I was frightened and alone.

It was as if I was the only person on campus who didn't understand what had happened last night. It was as if I was wondering this path alone.

It's hard to say that the win wasn't one of the most memorable nights I have had living on campus so far. It was.

All of the excited faces of students as the left the building hollering made quite an impact on my cold soul, but it was also my worst nightmare. It had opened up a wormhole of football questions I was unready to answer. It brought up unneeded conversations and personal contact that I otherwise would have been perfectly happy without.

Until the next Browns win, I will go on living my happy non-football life, unbothered by the fact I am in no way knowledgeable about America's favorite sport.

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