How To Manage A College Food And Dining Budget
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The Broke College Student's Guide To Eating Well On A Skinny Budget

Tired of ramen noodles? Want to eat without breaking the bank? Here are some cheap and easy go-to foods that have helped me survive in college thus far!

The Broke College Student's Guide To Eating Well On A Skinny Budget

Ramen noodles are often referred to as the "college meal plan" because they are so cheap to buy and easy to cook. However, what do you do if you HATE ramen noodles, or you just want something different for a change? Here are some inexpensive, simple to make alternative food choices that keep you fed and happy on a budget!

1. Soup

Soup is my number one go-to when the bank account is low! There are so many different types of soup and they usually cost less than a dollar at Walmart! Obviously, homemade soup is usually better than canned, store-bought soup; however, it is difficult to be picky when you're starving and trying to save money. Head down to the store and grab a few cans of tomato, chicken noodle, broccoli cheddar, or potato soup! Whether you decide to cook it in the microwave or on the stove, soup is always an easy and quick meal!

2. Sandwiches

As a hallmark of quick and easy foods, sandwiches are super easy when you're in need of a meal! (Tip: they actually sell bread at some Dollar Tree stores!) Whether it is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, ham and cheese, grilled cheese, or a BLT, there is a sandwich out there for everyone!

3. Hot Dogs

Although I personally am not a HUGE fan of hot dogs, they do the trick when you are in desperate need of a quick meal! Taking only about 5 minutes to boil, hot dogs can make a great meal for lunch or dinner! Because they come in packs of multiples, they also are a great purchase because you will have enough for a few meals!

4. Pasta

Noodles and pasta sauce are VERY cheap in comparison to a lot of other foods; therefore, if you are craving food that doesn't taste like a middle school lunchbox meal, pasta is the right choice! Boil some noodles, heat up some sauce, and refrigerate any leftovers! Boom, a home cooked meal on a budget!

5. Frozen Pizza

Do not call Papa John's, Domino's, Hungry Howie's, or Pizza Hut! Go to Walmart and buy yourself some frozen pizzas! You will save a whole lot of money in comparison to purchasing from a pizza chain and the taste is equally as great! Although it takes a little longer to heat up the oven and cook the pizza, you will have a wonderful meal!

6. Macaroni and Cheese

Many stores sell Mac and Cheese for less than a dollar! Plus, macaroni and cheese is a wonderful comfort food for when you're stressed and hungry!

7. TV Dinners

Walmart sells TV dinners for about a dollar! There are various options, and even some lighter, healthy choices! These are super easy to pop in the microwave!

8. Eggs

Eggs can be made so many different ways! They are easy to make and also a great source of protein! Eggs do not have to only be eaten in the morning! I have personally eaten eggs for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks! When in doubt, cook an egg or two!

9. Lunchables

OK, time to go back to basics and channel your inner toddler. Lunchables are still cool! Why deny yourself the pleasure of having a cute, small little meal all packaged and ready to go? There are still so many different types including pizza, ham, turkey, and nachos! If you're having a rough day, grab some that have small candies and a drink: treat yourself!

10. Ramen Noodles

Coming in as number 10 on our list is Ramen Noodles. Let's face it, Ramen Noodles are so cheap and are not going away as a broke go-to food. Although I do not like them AT ALL, there are still days where I suck it up and choose to have Ramen Noodles as a meal. When you're hungry and broke, you do what you have to do. There are multiple types such as chicken flavor, beef flavor, and shrimp flavor. Unfortunately, this will always find a place in the budgeter's grocery list.

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